Angelus is the seventh Black Rite, released as a free DLC in North America on the 25th of June, and on 26th of June in Europe.

"Offer your bones to gain the power of wings. During rite, wings pierce enemies and heal allies. Price paid with lowered speed and lost evasion.


Free DLC, no in-game requirements.


  • The only Black Rite aside from Vulcan that heals Allies.
  • Evasion removal applies to Evasion offerings as well.
  • Damage can be further increased by applying Skeletal Sigil on the Palm section. Divine Arm  I  and above will gain an extra percentage of damage from the mentioned Sigil.
  • In Delta, Angelus is removed from the list of Black Rites, and is instead the sacrificial spell that is cast when a member of Sanctuarium is sacrificed.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster falling to his/her hands and knees as three pairs of wings sprout out of his/her back. The caster then uses his/her wings to fly up into the air and summon beams of light that injure enemies and heal allies. The caster falls back down to the ground soon afterwards.

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