Cursed Parts Edit

Behemoth Edit

Arboreal Combos Edit

  • These are the results of combining two Arboreal offerings.

Healing + Healing Edit

Lifefruit: Huge health restore.

Healing + Levibloom Edit

Adeptfruit: Effects with timers will last longer.

Healing + Vimblossom Edit

Animafruit: Restores a broken offering back to one use.

Healing + Wallblossom Edit

Phoenixfruit: No effect on the living. Restores spirits back to life in a new body. However if health drops back to 0, the character dies again without an option to save or sacrifice. Does NOT restore offerings or black rites after use. (usable only on players not NPC's)

Levibloom + Levibloom Edit

Galefruit: Incredibly fast speed boost.

Levibloom + Vimblossom Edit

Aegisfruit: You cannot be killed for the duration, but you can still take damage.

Levibloom + Wallblossom Edit

Wardingfruit: Nullifies status ailments.

Starveling + Healing, Vimblossom or Wallblossom Edit

Cythonian: Kills the player, turning them into a spirit temporarily (if everyone consumes this, the pact is failed). They cannot interact like a normal spirit would but can spread fruits.

Starveling + Starveling Edit

Fiendfruit: Larger health restore and attack boost.

Vimblossom + Vimblossom Edit

Demonfruit: Stronger attack boost.

Vimblossom + Wallblossom Edit

Bastionfruit: Nullifies a single attack.

Wallblossom + Wallblossom Edit

Etherfruit: Stronger elemental defense boost.

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