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Bahamut is unique DLC Archfiend which appears randomly in some non-Gemini Phantom Quests. His essence contains a large amount of Soul or Life power.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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There once was a king who sought eternal life. To satisfy his ambitions, he dispatched a band of his men, who discovered the ancient Rite of Elixir.

The offering required for the Rite of Elixir is not one that ordinary men can readily comprehend, for it requires the sacrifice of the self. There are many who failed to carry out the rite, unable to completely abandon the notion of self, and became monsters as a result. These wretches are known as Lizardmen.

Among their ilk is an extremely rare kind that has adopted rather strange behavior: they attempt to assimilate the precious monsters called Orichalca within them. It is said that this is not a form of predation, but rather, they are intentionally allowing the Orichalca to parasitize them.

Though the reason for this is unclear, there are a few theories. One such theory is that although the Lizardmen have lost their selves, their obsession with eternal life yet lingers, and they remain motivated by the meager remnants of their ambition.

The effects of Elixir are such that the Lizardmen have attained something very close to immortality, although not without its flaws. Due to their failure to completely cast off the shell of self, they still suffer the fragility of a body made of flesh and blood. In this way, they aren't as different from ordinary humans as one might think.

To attain true eternal life, they must address the fragility of the body. In fact, just by doing so, their original desires would be practically fulfilled.

This is why they need the Orichalca. By encasing themselves in hard shells like Orichalca, they can avoid Death's scythe.

The parasitic Orichalca within the Lizardmen absorb their hosts' intake, producing minerals.

As a result, the bodies of these Lizardmen have become so hardened that one might think of them as more rock than flesh.

It remains to be tested how aware the Lizardmen are of this. As it stands, the majority of the Lizardmen have lost all cognitive faculties for the most part, as a result of the rite.

Some might say that the relationship between two monsters is more a form of symbiosis than parasitism. One can look to the more mundane, but similarly mutually beneficial relationship between ants and aphids for comparison.

The key point when discussing the symbiosis of the two monsters is the presence of the self.

The sacrifice demanded by the Rite of Elixir is the loss of self. The Lizardmen are constantly locked in a struggle with their destroyed identities.

On the other hand, the Orichalca are descended from snails with a grossly exaggerated sense of self.

Bahamut as a human.

Perhaps it is even possible that the Lizardmen are ingesting the Orichalca to supplement their fading identities. Or perhaps, it's possible that the brazen Orichalca have in fact chosen the Lizardmen as new shells for an even more grandiose display; as Archfiends.

All this is theory, and there are few hard facts. However, one thing is certain, and that is the name given to this rare breed.

The name of this new species born of Lizardmen and Orichalca, which strikes fear and glee into the hearts of men with equal measure:


Attacks[edit | edit source]

Currently not available.

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