Berserker is a DLC (Downloadable Contents) magic Black Rite

"Make an offering of your brain to draw enemies towards you and engulf them in an explosion"


Must be unlocked by fulfilling the following requirements:

- Right Arm Life Level 30

-Right Arm Magic level 30


  • You sacrifice your brain, expanding it out of your head and cause an electrical storm of which it sucks all enemies towards you.
  • This rite also sucks in your allies without dealing any damage to them.
  • Unlike most of the Black Rites, Berserker allows you to move freely as you cast it, therefore moving the sucked-in enemies together with you.
  • After casting, you will be penalized of redacted info on the Offerings you bring for the pact you are on. However you will still be notified of an expiring usage of Offerings with the name being replaced with ???
  • Damage can be further increased by applying Neural Sigil on the Palm section. Dark Arm III and above will gain an extra percentage of damage from the mentioned Sigil.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster putting his/her hands on his/her head as his/her brain expands out of his/her head. The caster then slowly levitates around the map, convulsing as his/her brain sucks debris and enemies towards him/her.

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