First Encounter: The Sorcerer's Ordeal Ch. 5 - Kill the Harpy. Can be saved as the archfiend Harpy making Bren an avaible ally.

Background: Bren is the first Harpy that the sorcerer encounters. The fact that she is a true harpy, and not a doppelganger, implies that she is the noblewoman who transformed into the first harpy. Her appearance, however, doesn't seem to match the record of the nobelwoman in garb or body type.

Fighting Style: Bren carries a Neutral arm, using mostly ranged, non-elemental abilities. Melee sorcerers should take care of her Irondrake Egg.

It seems that she is bigger than other female alies and has a special version of the nomad costume.



"To every sorcerer, there is an appointed task." - Beginning of Phantom Quests.

"I hadn't... a chance." - Bren is dying

"How should we settle this." - After defeating Archfiend

"Good, another task fulfilled." - After Sacrificing an Archfiend


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