The Cat Sith is an Archfiend that was once an overprotected prince who wanted to be free, like the cats he observed. 

The free DLC which includes Beelzebub and Cat Sith was released in Japan on 6th of June. It, along with Beelzebub, were released in North America on August 6th and in Europe on the 7th of August.


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There was a small kingdom, and in it lived a mischievous prince.

He was the apple of his parents' eye, and no luxury was spared on him. The prince, however, felt nothing but pressure from their lavish attention.

He took every chance to slip away from the castle and down into the city.

The city folk knew his face well, though, so it was never long before he was discovered and whisked back home.

On one such day, the prince was walking the city's back alleys when he found a small kitten. After feeding the animal on a whim, the prince found the young cat followed him.

Not long after, he was spotted by a guard and returned to the castle.

That evening, he heard the crying of a cat from outside his bedchamber window.

He opened the glass and peered down to find the same cat he'd fed, waiting for him below. The boy lifted the kitten up into his arms, and brought it inside. From that day on, the prince kept the cat in secret.

He had wanted a conversation partner, and the kitten proved a patient listener.

Better yet, the boy could vent ALL his frustrations, even those unfit for human ears.

Things like... "I wish I'd never been born a prince."

For as long as the prince spoke, the kitten sat still, licking at the boy's hand. It was as if the beast were offering a reassuring caress.

Before long, the prince came to notice something as he gazed upon his pet.

He envied the kitten. It was free to live as it chose, as the boy so longed to be.

The curious pair's secret friendship continued, for a spell.

Until the day what the boy feared above all else came to pass.

The king was struck down by sudden illness. From his deathbed, the monarch spoke. "I cede my thrown to my son the prince."

The prince shut himself in his room, head clutched in his hands. "I have no desire to rule! I never wanted the throne!"

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft licking at his hand.

"If I could be reborn, I wish I could be as you, my little friend." The words were innocent enough as they fell away from the prince's lips.

As if in echo, a strange voice rang out. Before the boy-king, a curious white chalice appeared. The object spoke.

"Offer up a fitting sacrifice, and you shall have your wish."

Despite the strangeness of the sight before him, the prince knew the words to be true. If he obeyed, he would be free.

The boy searched around him for an offering.

At his side sat the cat, still loyally lapping at his hand. The same cat that had listened, ever faithfully, to all the boy's woes. That had always been there to comfort him.

The sacrifice needed to be something of equal value to his wish. Only by giving up something of equal worth would he win his freedom.

How long the battle raged within his conscience, if at all, only the boy-king could say.

But in the end, he offered up his small companion.

Instantly, a changed overtook the boy's body. Cat's fur sprouted from his skin. Cat's fangs from his jaw. Cat's claws from his fingertips.

He had been reborn, just as he'd asked.

His body felt light. As if he could sprint for leagues and never tire.

The former prince unlatched his window, and leapt out into the night. He left the castle, dashed through the city, and was over the wall.

There was no one to tie him down now.

He gave a fearsome roar of joy up to the moon. They say no citizen of that kingdom ever saw their prince again...


  • Cat Sith charges the player, after he hits a player or misses, he will teleport and charge at you at a different direction. He does this 3 or 4 times, and they can be stopped with a shield spell.
  • He will spin around, sending rats with homing capabilities at you. The rats have limited range so you can run away to avoid them.
  • Cat Sith shoots purple energy shaped like cats to do Heat based damage. You can block it with Ice Carving Lid, it is the only shield spell that can block all hits from this attack.
  • Cat Sith sends out one big purple energy cat, it is slow with tracking, but it deals Major damage and always inflicts burn even if you're wearing heat armor.
  • Cat Sith attacks the ground and summons rising attacks in the direction he is facing.
  • Cat Sith crouches down and goes into a berserk mode scratching everything and everyone in sight. Morph offerings can protect you from two hits in berserk mode. Morph magic may even cancel berserk mode if you land the attack.


Avalon Pacts


  • Cat Sith has a dangerous attack that shoots energy bullets shaped like cats, these are Heat Attribute so you can decrease the damage dealt by these attacks with a Heat Armor.

Gameplay VideosEdit


Cat Sith in his human form

Cat Sith promotional trailer for Japan

Cat Sith promotional trailer for Japan

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