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Cinderella is one of the 15 Archfiends introduced in Soul Sacrifice Delta. It was once a young girl who was obsessed with seducing a prince at her town. She sacrificed her own legs to entice him, transforming her into the centipede-like monster.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Three beautiful sisters once lived in a castle town. Their legs caught the eye especially, long and elegant and fair as any sculpture.

They were famous throughout the town, those legs. Even the prince heard tell of the tale, and so he invited them to a royal ball.

But only two of the sisters would attend. The elder girls bullied the youngest daily, so it was little surprise they forbade her from going. Instead, she would languish at home, burdened with chores.

The youngest envied her sisters' glamorous lives, and dreamed of the ball nightly.

The middle sister was quick to notice. "Make me a new dress," she said, "and I shall take you with me to the ball."

She wore a sneer as she spoke. But her starry-eyed sister didn't notice. She began immediately. Desperate to attend, the youngest crafted a masterpiece. It was a dress any would envy.

The middle sister was stunned, though her sneer was quick to return.

She brazenly denied ever making a promise with her sister. The youngest was left speechless.

How rotten could a person be? The girl was furious. Every slight and insult she'd endured rushed back, boiling over.

Of all the selfish, petty, cruel... Time after time after time!

The youngest was thoroughly disgusted. She was upset at being tricked, but still more by the fact that she was related to such a woman. But she would take no more.

From the nearby woods, she fetched a centipede, and mixed its poison into her sister's food.

The middle sister grew ill, until she was bedridden.

The youngest saw an opportunity. She would have her secret wish. She would attend the ball.

She donned the dress she'd made for her sister, and borrowed shoes and jewels from the immobilized girl's collection.

It was a masked ball - if she dressed the part, no one would notice.

But everyone noticed her that evening. The mask hid her identity, but not the allure she exuded. Her gorgeous legs had every man in attendance slavering. They flocked like ants to a lump of sugar.

The girl was thrilled. After that night, each time a ball was held she attended in disguise.

In the blink of an eye, this mysterious masked beauty was famous.

As she grew used to the attention, her demure nature changed. She began seducing men, toying with them for the span of a night. She never removed her mask, but her legs alone lured them in.

All who saw them up close agreed that this was a pair of legs fit to entrance the prince.

Cinderella as her human form.

For it was said the prince was a great lover of legs. It was part of why the girl's sisters had forbidden her from attending the ball. They knew that of the three of team, the youngest had the finest legs of all.

Even with her face covered, they knew. Show those longs, slim legs and men would be hers. In time, the prince was bound to notice her - and not them. Their envy would allow no other woman that place. Not even a sister.

For all their differences, the youngest still shared the same jealous blood as her sisters. She envied any woman who drew attention away from her. Even a sister.

The leg-loving prince had recently grown close to the eldest sister, which displeased the youngest.

For human greed knows no bounds. Where simply attending her first ball had been enough for the girl, she now expected her choice of men. And she chose her sister's.

Or perhaps it was revenge that motivated her. Retribution for those years of abuse...

She poisoned her eldest sister. Just as she'd done before.

Given the eldest's dress to wear, she could easily impersonate her. The devious plan was proof she shared their callous blood.

So she stole the gown and set out for the ball. She was summoned to the prince's room - alone. He had no idea this masked beauty was another.

The rumors of his fetish rang true. He caressed her legs with his cheeks, then began to lick her toes. It felt as if slugs roamed her body.

His heavy breathing and slurping tongue sounded out in perverted harmony. Yet the performance was cut short before its climax when the prince suddenly stopped.

"These are not her legs".

His love of legs was stronger than she'd known. Even masked, he'd seen through her ploy by the taste of her legs alone.

Confronted by the prince, she fled his chambers. In her haste, she dropped a shoe.

Days passed.

The mysterious minx who'd deceived the prince was wanted throughout the kingdom. Whomever the shoe fit would be the guilty woman.

Men were dispatched and the grand search began. The women of the town were gathered and tested.

The girl panicked, sure she'd be caught. And what then? Would she be jailed? Tortured? Worse?

Perhaps her recent rash of poisonings would come to light...

She hurried to destroy the evidence. In her maddened state, she thought to crush her own legs. And so she took a large rock to them, splintering her bones.

Barely conscious amid the pain, she wept bitter tears. Partly from the sensations, but even more so at the loss of her perfect legs.

That was when a strange sight appeared to her. A white Chalice floating as it spoke to her mind. "Pay the price and your wish will be granted."

The girl accepted its voiceless bargain. She might have wished to evade the law... but no. She had yet to truly give up. The prince would yet be hers. All three sisters believed a woman's worth was measured by the quantity and quality of the men she snared.

The girl gave up her legs entirely. Next, she took something precious from her eldest sister. Not the bedridden woman's dresses or finery, but the legs that had won the prince's heart. Given those, he would be hers.

With new legs, she would also elude capture for her crimes. It took time to adjust to them. A sense of otherness remained - her sister's smell, perhaps. But in a few days, her blood had circulated through them and they were hers from top to toe.

The next ball came around. She donned her sister's gown and approached the prince again. Even so recently duped, he trusted her at a glance. And why not? They were, without a doubt, his love's legs.

Yet still, he saw through her deceit at first taste.

"You are not she."


How could he have known?

They were her sister's legs! And yet...

Again she ran. Eluding her pursuers, she fled to the heart the forest.

How? How? How?!

Thwarted, she gave up impersonating her sister. But she would not give up the prince. If anything, her obsession grew stronger. She would have him. She would prove her worth as a woman.

She stalked women with beautiful legs, claiming them for her own, then approached the prince anew.

But none met with his approval. "These are not the ones," he'd say. No matter how beautiful, he sent them away.

For she'd made a false assumption. He was an unparalleled lover of legs, yes, but it was not their appearance that excited him.

He did not lick them merely in appreciation. Their flavor was a part of his enjoyment. For it was the unique scent they bore that fascinated him.

Unaware of this, the girl still sought legs to please the eye. And at any cost. Even the beauty of the rest of her form...

She recalled the centipedes in the woods by her home. Their countless legs. And so she replaced her lower half with that of a centipede.

Surely the prince could find a pair of legs among so many to entice him. To enhance their beauty, she turned them to glass.

She was a work of art. She felt his approval was assured. Yet at first sight of her monstrous form, he ran in terror.

So she chases him even now, her countless legs never ceasing. Should she catch him, she'll ensure he gets a good, long taste of them... whether he wishes to or not.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Claw attacks
  • Charging attacks
  • Rapid spin attack
  • Spike area attack ( glass legs)
  • Glass leg projectiles
  • Anti-projectile barrier
  • Ground slam

Encounters[edit | edit source]

XII. Age of Reformation - Glass Slippers Galore (Original form; possible ally - Cinisa)

Forgotten pacts (black) - Hour of Cinder Grey - Squirming Sea Slippers (Doppelganger)

Forgotten pacts (black) - Hour of Scarlet - Angry Beauty in a Strange Land (Doppelganger)

Additional pacts - Additional Pact IV - Slipping in the Slick City (Doppelganger)


Soul Sacrifice Delta - Cindrella Trailer (PS Vita)

Japanese Trailer for Cinderella

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