Color Picture (Male) Picture (Female) How to Obtain
Color A
Complete Beginning of the End Ch. 5
Color B
Red Male Conjurer
Red Female Conjurer
Complete 3-Headed Deserter
Color C
Blue Male Conjurer
Blue Female Conjurer
Complete Bratty Mountaineer
Color D
Color E
Color F
Orange Male Conjurer
Orange Female Conjurer
Complete A Phoenix in Ruins
Color G
White Male Conjurer
White Female Conjurer
Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers
Color H
Black Male Conjurer
Black Female Conjurer
Sacrifice 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers.
Color I
Gold Male Conjurer
Gold Female Conjurer
  • Save/Sacrifice a total of 500 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers.
  • Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers while wearing Color H
  • Sacrifice 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers while wearing Color G.
Noble· Intellectual · Spellcaster · Knight · Physician · Hunter · Wanderer · Conjurer · Warrior · Sand Dweller · Stranger · Nomad · Dancer
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