You will mainly encounter 2 different styles of Monsters in Soul Sacrifice.

First ones are the Archfiends which could be considered as bosses ingame. Archfiends are stronger and bigger encounters for your character than the normal Creatures. It also will have an influence on the game story whether you save or sacrifice Archfiends and you will get a great amount of Life/Magic when saving/sacrificing them.

The second ones are the Creatures,most likely grunts which can be saved or sacrificed for some points of Life/Magic.

For more information please refer to Monsters.


There are a lot of different Spells in Soul Sacrifice. Ingame they are called Offerings. Almost all of those Offerings are assigned to a certain Element. Also, each Offering has a limited amount of casts which can be increased by upgrading those Offerings or combining them. 

For more information on Offerings and Combining refer to Spells.


While playing the game you will solve alot of different tasks which are called quests. A quest is like an epic mission where you will get challenged to solve a certain task, e.g. kill that amount of monster, deliever a certain item/items etc.

There are different kind of Quests in Soul Sacrifice, since there is a main story and a side/multiplayer story/quests.

Also, the story changes whether you save or sacrifice archfiends.

More information on the different quests can be found here.


In the game you will get alot of different Allies. Some unlocks of Allies depend whether you save or sacrifice them while questing and whether you save or sacrifice Archfiends. the perfect world roll call of esouls/marvel database.

More information on the different Allies can be found here.


In every Quest you are playing on a certain maps / lands. Each Realm has his own lands. As you progress throughout the game, you will unlock more and more maps / lands. There are 4 Realms.

More information can be found here.


While questing in the world of Soul Sacrifice you will encounter many of different characters. The main story characters are the following.

More information on their role ingame can be found here.

There are also side characters you will encounter while questing in the Avalon Packs. Those Characters can be found in the Allies section.


Raiments are costumes that the player can equip in the game You start the game with 3 (or 4 with the pre-order DLC) and unlock more throughout the game.There are a total of 26 Raiments (male and female) in the game, including DLC, and not including the different color variations.


The Portraiture gives you an overview about your character. As the ingame-describtion already states, you see your portrait and your belongings. Therefore the portrait shows you you're appearance currently activated raiment, your satchel and current active spells, your activated Black Rite and the amount of Lacrima in your property.

More Information: Portraiture

Elemental Weakness and AilmentsEdit

While playing the game you will get offerings from different elements. Those are: Heat, Frost, Volt, Stone, Venom.

Each Element is strong and weak against another Element. 

Details of the ElementsEdit

Element Strong against Weak against Ailment
Heat Venom Frost Infernal Hell
Venom Stone Heat Venomous Hell
Stone Volt Venom Petrified Hell
Volt Frost Stone Shocking Hell
Frost Heat Volt Frozen Hell

Following the scheme:

Heat --> Venom --> Stone --> Volt --> Frost --> Heat


You can also inflict ailments while using offering having the same element multiple times on the target. By getting the actual "stun" you can break the ailment with the stronger element, e.g. if you're inflicting Burning Hell, do a skillful attack and break the ailment with a frost element offering. This will result in another "stun" where you have time to inflict in this example Frozen Hell and break it again etc. Have in mind that it will be necessary to use the spells more often on the target to inflict the ailment after each infliction. 

More information on Elements can be found here.

Black RitesEdit

Black Rites are special Abilities which offer several different effects. Some result in a high amout of damage, some in a long-time stun (10s) etc. To activate a black rite you have to sacrifice a part of your body. This will result in a debuff depending on which body part you sacrificed.

More information can be found here.

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