Allies are NPC Sorcerers that you can take with you on Avalon Pacts. Player take take up to two allies with him\her on a phantom quest.

Obtaining AlliesEdit

There are several ways that you can gain Allies. The most common method is by saving Archfiends, in which case the human that was once the Archfiend will join you. You can also gain Allies automatically in story mode by completing a specific quest in Avalon, Sanctuarium or Grimn faction line of missions.

If at any point an Ally is slain or sacrificed, you will be able to revive them so long as you have enough Lacrima.

Returning CharactersEdit

All fellow sorcerers and all allies that come from original Archfiends from original Soul Sacrifice make return in Delta.

Affinity and OfferingsEdit

All allies in Soul Sacrifice Delta belong to one of three factions: Avalon, Grim or Sanctuarium. Avalon allies approve sacrificing animals and people who became monsters, Sanctuarium approves saving them and Grim allies approve leaving them to power of Fate.

As you complete quests with Allies and perform actions they approve of, they will gain Affinity, which is measured by a bar on the Ally's page in the Portraiture.  Also the other way to gain affinity fast is giving your offerings to an ally. Any offering (except Blood types) can be given to any ally. This offering won't be added to ally's arsenal but it will raise ally's affinity. Stronger version of offering give higher boost to the level of affinity. Giving an offering of the same type as one the Ally posesses in their arsenal will also offer a significantly larger boost.

There are four levels of affinity : C, B, A and S. Once you raise an Ally's Affinity enough, that Ally will become stronger and level of his offerings will be upgraded.

Aliies have full arsenal of six offerings. All allies in Soul Sacrifice Delta have at least one healing offering so they have no trouble with curing themselves. Also all allies that come from original Archfiends have both Archfiend's unique offerings in their arsenal.

In Soul Sacrifice Delta all allies can be ordered to save or sacrifice the dying player regardless of their faction.

Allies ListEdit

This is the list of allies which appear in Soul Sacrifice Delta based on their factions:

Avalon Edit

Grim Edit

Sanctuarium Edit

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