Offerings (aka Spells) in Soul Sacrifice are core element pivotal both in gameplay and storyline. They are, in commonsense, spells cast by sorcerers to generate specific effects, mostly done but not limited to the purpose of combating monsters and other sorcerers.

Offerings are activated in resonance to objects that reflect the quality of the spell's effect, Giant Arm offering for example are done with the use of a bone seemingly from a giant's arm. These object are used in manner where their life force are use to conjure magical effects and thus are termed "Offerings".

Division and Acquisition Edit

By source, Offerings are divided into regular offerings which is given under various cicircumstances nd Archfiend offerings which must be obtained by breaking cursed parts of Archfiends.

Regular offerings are objects with "memories" that can be invoked by sorcerers to conjure magical effects. They are given as reward for quests completion, fusion results or achieved when the player reaches a certain threshold of progress in the game.

Archfiend offerings are broken parts of Archfiends that could be used to produce magical effects not unlike that of the Archfiend that used to have them. Every Archfiend has 2 exclusive offerings (with the exception of both Slime variants which collectively have 3 Offerings), one acquired by breaking normal cursed part(s) and the other as reward for breaking Ill-cursed part(s). Destroying every cursed part of an Archfiend will always give the player a total 3 Offerings, usually a pair of one type accompanied by a single unit of the other.

By function, Offerings are divided into 3 category that is sorted between 37 types, namely:

-Attack Offerings Edit

Blood Blood

Stonefisticonfix Stonefist

Blitz Blitz

Weapon Weapon

Arm Arm

Speariconfix Spear

Beast Beast

Morph Morph

Roar Roar

Homing Homing

Throw Throw

Explosivefix Explosive

Special iconfix Special

Othericonfix Other

Summon Summon

Transform icon Transform

Bomb icon Bomb

Mine icon Mine

Terrain icon Terrain

-Support Offerings Edit

Heal solo Heal Solo

Heal area Heal Area

Arboreal Arboreal

Group Group

Armor Armor

Shield Shield

Binding icon Binding

Vacuum Vacuum

Lure icon Lure

Stasis Stasis

Irregular icon Irregular

Barriericon Barrier

Parasiticicon Parasitic

Rising Rising

-Special Offerings Edit

Replicator icon Replicator

Evasive Evasive

Spatial Spatial

Factionicon Faction

Tiers Edit

Offerings are divided into tiers based on their power level, different tiers of Offering are available at different levels. Some Offerings are not available in certain tier:

-Tier 1 Offerings (Bronze badge icon) are usually obtained from 1*-3* quests

-Tier 2 Offerings (Silver Badge icon) are usually obtained from 4*-6* quests

-Tier 3 Offerings (Gold Badge Icon) are obtained from 7* and above quests

Higher Tier offerings have exponentially better aspects from the lower ones and thus render them obsolete, they also have a more pronounced animation when in use.

Black Offerings Edit

Black Offerings (Black Badge icon) are a new level of Offering in Soul Sacrifice Delta. Their comparative stats are different that they are extremely potent, (Usually having double damage, duration or greater effect than that of Tier 3 Offerings) but their cast limit is usually very low even compared to Tier 2 Offerings. Almost all Offering has a Black Variant.

Black Offerings can only be obtained after the player has access to Black Pacts (11* and above) and even so, some of these Offerings can only be obtained via Martyr's Medal and highest performance Quest Reward of Black Pacts, with most others are exclusively available as Fusion result between a linear Tier 3 Offerings with a corresponding Testament (L) Offering which availability only become sustainable after unlocking Black Pacts.

Reward Edit

Conventionally, offerings are given as quest rewards that are tracked in 4 different sections:

Faction Reward Edit

These offerings are always given in random order after every quest with tiers corresponding to the quest difficulty. Depending on the faction joined, player receives different type of reward:

Avalon: All 3 tiers of Arm and non-Archfiend Explosive Offerings, along with Magus Testament (L) at Black Pacts.

Sanctuarium: All 3 tiers of non-archfiend Spear and Blitz Offerings, along with Saint Testament (L) at Black Pacts.

Grim: All 3 tiers of non-archfiend Weapon and single-type Homing Offerings (except Skydragon and Chaoswyrm), along with Prophet Testament (L) at Black Pacts.

Quest Reward Edit

These offerings are set rewards of each Phantom Quest available, they are vertically listed in each Quest pages. The lower the Offering is on the least, the more feat points player need to accumulate in that Phantom Quest to acquire it, with the bottom-most Offering usually need an evaluative mark of "Legendary Sorcerer".

Curse Breaker Badge Edit

This section is for Archfiends Offerings and is not restricted to the target Archfiend of quests, should there be an intervening Archfiend like Bahamut in quests and Players successfully break it's parts, then Bahamut Offerings are to be expected in reward screen.

Martyr's Medal Edit

This section are for Offerings that require the Player to commit an act of great sacrifice during quests, either by doing a Black Rite or letting oneself being Sacrificed.

Ars Magicka Edit

Librom now has the "Ars Magicka" feature, named after Persapius mental catalog of spells which functions as such. It can be accessed from Lore or Portiature and keeps track of all Spells the Player has ever or yet to posses. The Ars Magicka can direct the players to the quests or fusion recipe of already obtained and currently accessible Offerings. Do mind that some Archfiend Offerings may only become accessible after getting the right Blank Page quest since by default, some Archfiends are unavailable at certain difficulty level.

Mechanics Edit

Offerings are items that would cause various effects when activated in Phantom Quests, ranging from conjuring weapons, healing, affecting the user's movement etc.

Offerings determine the action triggered by the Square, Triangle and Circle button, and it is up to the player to assign which offering with the respective buttons which can be configured in the Portiature. Player can carry up to 6 offerings stashed between 2 interchangable sheet that the player can switch in-between with the R Button, each with slots that corresponds the 3 aformentioned offering button. There are no restrictions of whatever combination of Offering sets the players can carry except that no more than 2 offering of the same type can be stashed (example: the player cannot have Axe Edge, Pitchfork and Sword Icebrand offerings at the same time because all 3 are Weapon type Offerings), specific Phantom Quests may also set limitations of Offering configuration that players have to follow in order to participate.

Offerings have cast limits which determine the number of time they can be used before being destroyed, cast limits of each Offering can be seen on the Offering's info in the Portiature, but the exact number of use the player have left are not shown during quests, with the only clue being the Offering icon flashing: white when considerably low, and rapidly red when it's one or two cast away from being destroyed.

Players could recharge their Offering by doing Save/Sacrifice/Fate action (depending on which faction they're aligned with) on fallen fiends, or activate certain point of interest in the map to prevent this from happening. Destroyed offering can't be used or recharged in battle with traditional means and can only be restored with the effect of Animafruit, some of the Replicator offerings effect, or conventionally by paying Lacrima when not in Phantom Quests.

Delta comes up with the combo mechanic that allows compatible offering of two different types to synergize their effects, allowing more versatile combat strategies to be applied, see the combo page for complete information. Player can also now activate certain Support Offering when wielding the manifestations of Arm, Spear, Weapon and Beast offerings by pressing the Up directional button and select the wanted Support Offering.

Boost and Fusions Edit

All but Blood Type Offerings could be boosted by forfeiting two of said offerings to recieve a single upgraded version of itself. By forfeiting two identical Offering, one would get a 1-star version of the offering, forfeiting two 1-star Offering would yield a 2-star offering and forfeiting a couple of 2-stars would finally result a 3-star version of the Offering which is the maximum upgrade, this means a total of 8 identical Offerings is needed to get a single 3-star version of itself. Offerings of higher star have more cast limits and are more valuable trade item. This process can be done in the Portiature. The feature that allows one to obtain a higher tier offering via Boost with two 3-stars offering of lower tier is no longer available.

Fusion is the process of combining two or more offerings to obtain a completely new one. The process is done in the fusion page which can be accessed by pressing L in the offering selection page of the Portraiture. Fusion recipes and results are set in an already sorted catalogue and such players aren't able to experiment their own fusion input. Boost on used offerings does not have any effect on fusions process or result, and therefore the game will always pick offrings without boost first before ones with lowest star available.

Lore Edit

Offerings and Spells:

"Make offerings of the things you won and gain magical power in exchange for their life force. There are hundreds of items that can be used as Offerings." 

Offering Consumption:

"Using an Offering's magic consumes some of its power. An Offering's power can be restored in a number or ways. Destroyed Offerings can be renewed using lacrima." 

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