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After defeating Magusar in his Sorcerer form, he will transform into his dragon form, the Dragon appears to be made from bones on one side and flesh on the other side of the dragon, the chalice is held in the Dragons hand.


  • Turns its head, and swings it across breathing out homing fire spells.
  • Same as the above, but instead releases a large homing tornado. If you can't out run the tornado, rolling into it will cancel it out, but rolling too early will cause damage. When low on health it will launch several in succession.
  • Stomps in place if the player is by the legs.

After several rounds of attacking the Dragon will turn away from the player and fly off, where several things can happen:

  • The Dragon turns around and dives towards the player. Sometimes it turns at the last second if a player is trying to dodge the dive. If it lands too close to the edge it will fly back up and make a second dive.
  • The Dragon lands on a floating island and releases black orbs. When they land they turn into various traps and golems, but shouldn't be too hard to avoid.
  • Same as above, but instead it releases a single red orb. When it lands a corpse emerges from the ground that the player can Save for health or Sacrifice for major damage. If the player is not quick enough however, the Dragon will swoop down and sacrifice the corpse itself, attacking the player with the sacrificial spell instead, leaving them shocked afterward.

Usually, two black orb attacks, along with the attack and dive cycles, are made before the dragon fires the red orb.

Cursed PartsEdit

  • Head
  • Stomach
  • Tail (Flesh Covered)


  • The Dragon is the Final Boss of Soul Sacrifice.
  • The Cause and Effect Sigil with the Dragon Slayer and Dragon Tamer effects, which increase damage dealt to the Dragon and decrease Damage received, respectively. The Cataclysm sigil also comes with Dragon Tamer, either of which helps make the boss more manageable
  • Causing enough damage to the legs will cause the Dragon to topple over, allowing time for free hits.
  • The Dragon is not listed in the lore section of Librom, but the sigils effects support its existence.
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