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Dwarves is an Archfiend that in his human form was was a group of three drunks.

The Dwarves is one of 10 Archfiends that will be released for free as DLC.  He was released together with another new Archfiend Ogre. The release date in Japan was April 18th. Release date in the North America was 11th of June and 12th of June in Europe.


Note: The following section is still incomplete(clues).

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 There were once three men who did nothing but drink from morning till night.

They were always the drunkest people in the tavern, and would argue and fight with other customers over the smallest thing. Everyone in the town knew to keep well out of their way.

Safe to say that the men were roundly despised. But this was of no concern to them, as they continued to drink all day, grumbling and bickering in their cups.

Having lost their jobs at the mine where they worked, the men had no source of income. The only things they owned were their well-used hammers, which no-one wanted to buy.

Their drunkenness and destitution was a cause of great concern to anyone who saw them, but the men themselves seemed happy enough.

This happiness would not last, however. Before long, the men had spent the last of their money.

Penniless, the three men lay in the middle of the street, sweating in the scorching midday sun. They realized that none of them had eaten anything in a week. It slowly began to dawn on them that they were starving to death.

One of the men, sure that death was near, made a final, solemn wish. Foolish as it sounds, there was only one thing he wanted.

One last drink.

Just as the man was making his wish, a gleaming white chalice appeared, and began to speak to the three of them, soundlessly.

"I can give you what you want. For a price..."

The three of them used the last of their strength to indicate their agreement. At that moment, they would have given anything at all for one more drink.

The three men lost conciousness.

When the first man came round, he noticed that his mouth was full of the incomparable taste of mead. Though this was a bliss unlike any other, he couldn't help but have his doubts.

There were no bottles anywhere nearby... Where had this mead come from?

At first he thought he might be dreaming, but it was all too real to be a dream.

In the end, he realized there was only one explanation. He had been sweating profusely in the sweltering heat... And as the sweat had dribbled into his mouth, it had turned into mead.

"Perhaps this is heaven..." the man thought. Looking around him, however, he could see this wasn't the case.

The three men were all in the same situation, and all were deliriously happy. From now on, they could drink as much mead as they liked, whenever they liked.

Though it seemed that all their dreams had come true, the three did have one more thing to consider. How could they produce enough sweat to get drunk, and how could they store it?

After a moment's consideration, one of the men had an idea.

He lead the others to the back of the tavern, where the empty casks were kept. Using his hammer to prise open a cask, he placed it snugly over his torso.

Not only did the man start sweating, all the sweat he produced was stored in the cask.

Indeed, not a single drop of sweat was wasted. His two friends soon followed suit, eager to catch their sweaty beads of joy.

Three men with casks covering their bodies is a truly bizarre sight, and people started going to even greater lengths to avoid them.

After a while, the casks they were wearing began to fuse with their bodies.

It was also around this time that the three men began to realize that they were producing less mead than before. That was a big problem, and they frantically checked their cask-covered bodies to try and discover what was wrong.

They soon realized that their bodies were much smaller than they used to be. It was as though the mead they had been drinking had been drained out of them, leaving them shriveled. The three men started to panic. Not because they were scared of their bodies shrivelling up...

But because their mead supply was running out. For them, that would be a fate worse than death.

The men thought hard about their predicament. How could they get more mead?

One of them had an idea. They had been given the power to drink sweat as though it was mead. Nobody had said that the sweat had to come from their own bodies...

Eager to try out their new theory, the three of them abducted a hapless traveler, stuffing him into one of their casks.

Naturally, the traveler began to sweat. One of the men tentatively tasted some of the liquid he produced. It had the rich, sweet taste of mead. It might be best not to detail what happened to the traveler after that...

The three men now had an unlimited source of mead. A "source" that could be found walking around the streets of any city or town...

The three of them slurped mead until their faces were plastered with broad, drunken grins.

Before long, they had lost all ability to reason. Not that they themselves realize this, of course. Their monstrous transfiguration is of no concern.

They continue to prowl the streets at night, anxious to slake their thrist.

Living only for their next drink...


  • Even though the Dwarves is made of three monsters it will usually remain and attack as one.
  • Jumps up and lunges toward player smashing both hammers on the ground within a certain range. Can stagger the player if caught too close.
  • Wildly swings hammers 
  • Can spit venom towards the ground creating a small venom like "explosion" harming any player near the Dwarves.
  • Jumps up and splits into three then slams down in a wide area.
  • Can enter an "enraged mode" similar to the Elven Queen.
  • Spins violently creating a tornado-like effect around itself. Will dart around the stage while doing this attack
  • Can create a Venom Haze around the entire stage similar to the Hydra, that will inflict small damage and cause Poison unless player is wearing Venom Armor.


Forgotten Pacts. Hour of Harlequin. A Drunken Desert Feast (Original form; possible ally - Doryndrus)

Forgotten Pacts. Hour of Harlequin. A Frozen Feast (Doppelganger; possible ally - Renwyn)

Forgotten Pacts. Hour of Harlequin. Bawdy Drunks at the Barrier (Gemini pair with Ogre; possible ally - Brutei)

Notes Edit

  • The Dwarves is a venom based Archfiend and is weak to Heat attacks.
  • When breaking a cursed spot on the Archfiend, venom will spew out causing small damage if stepped in. It can cause Poison status as well.
  • The Dwarves will clank its glasses together and drink before going into an "enraged mode".
  • Even though the Dwarves are made of three monsters/three men, only one man will appear to either save or sacrifice when defeated.

Dwarves in their human form

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