Soul Sacrifice features five (5) different elements : Heat, Frost, Volt, Stone, Venom. Using elemental attack to monster may inflict status ailment.

None is considered as a non-elemental attack. (you may increase it's damage by using Force Sigil )

Introduction to Elemental RelationEdit


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The five (5) main elements (Offensive/Defensive) relation is :


example: Venom weakness is Heat and so on.

Element Strong against Weak against Ailment
Heat Venom Frost Infernal Hell
Venom Stone Heat Venomous Hell
Stone Volt Venom Petrified Hell
Volt Frost Stone Shocking Hell
Frost Heat Volt Frozen Hell

Status AilmentsEdit

You can inflict an ailment on a monster using an elemental offering; using the same element multiple times on the target. Upon getting this new ailment (or elemental change) your target's normal element type will change to that of the element you are using. The monster will be set on fire with a heat spell, for example, temporarily becoming a heat type creature for the duration.

On that status change, the creature will enter a "stunned" state which he cannot move or attack;  this is called a "Hell" for Archfiends.

There are five (5) types of Hell:

  • Infernal Hell (Heat)
  • Venomous Hell (Venom)
  • Petrified Hell (Stone)
  • Shocking Hell (Volt)
  • Frozen Hell (Frost)

You can break the ailment with that element weakness, e.g. if you're inflicting Burning Hell, break the ailment with a Frost element offering. This will result in a high damage combo attack (like a counter) which will send the creature on ground stunned again. You could use this opportunity to try to inflict another ailment or just pummel him down. Keep in mind that it will be necessary to use the spells more often on the target to inflict another ailment after each infliction.

See Also : Scoring to learn more about elemental/combo damage points bonus.

Affinities and WeaknessEdit

Almost every single monster in the game world corresponds to an element. So with good knowledge - and offering and sigil sets (R trigger on sigils or offering menu) you can become a devastating force against a single or even multiple elements.

A few rare monsters are "neutral" from the "None" element; and have no elemental weaknesses, you can still inflict status ailments on neutral type monsters although this usually requires more effort.

Even rarer monsters can change their elemental type as you fight them, this also means they will become weak to whatever element strong against their current type.


Name Element Elemental Weakness
Abyssal Fiend Volt Stone
Alice Volt Venom Heat -
Bahamut - Venom
Basilisk Venom Heat
Beelzebub - Heat
Behemoth Venom Heat
Cat Sith - -
Centaur Heat Frost
Cerberus Volt Stone
Cert (Druid God Soul) - -
Chimera Volt Heat Heat Stone Frost
Chthonian Fiend Heat Frost
Cinderella Venom -
Cyclops - -
Dionaea Heat Frost
Dullahan Stone Venom
Dwarf Venom Heat
Elven Queen Venom Heat
Frog Prince Frost Volt
Gargoyle Stone Venom
Gigas Venom Heat
Griffin - -
God-Dragon  ?  ?
Hansel and Gretel - -
Harpy Venom Heat
Hydra Venom Heat
Illecebra varies* varies*
Incubus ? ?
Iron Maiden (Virgin) - Heat
Jack Frost Frost Volt
Jack-o'-Lantern Heat Frost
Kraken Frost Volt
Leprechauns - -
Leviathan Frost Volt
Lizardman  ?  ?
Marduk Heat Frost
Minotaur Frost Volt
Musicians of Bremen  ?  ?
Naked Emperor Volt Stone
Odin All -
Ogre Heat Frost
Ouroboros Volt Stone
Pegasus Frost Volt
Phoenix Heat Frost
Pied Piper of Hamelin Heat Frost
Red Riding Hood Heat Volt -
Romulus (Romalus God Soul) ? ?
Siren Frost Volt
Slime (Avaricious or Carnivorous) - -
Snow White - Heat
Succubus Heat Frost
Terrwyn  ? Volt
Three Little Pigs  ? Heat Venom
Troll  ? Heat
Tortoise and the Hare Stone Venom
Unicorn Frost Volt
Valkyrie Volt Stone
Werewolf Heat Frost
Wraith - -
Wyvern - -

Foul CreaturesEdit

Name Type Element Elemental Weakness
Boozy Goblin Goblin - -
Candle Spider Fruit Spider Heat Frost
Sawbones Ghoul Ghoul Venom Heat
Automaton Ghoul Ghoul Volt Stone
Pineflower Kobold Kobold Venom Heat
Goblin Goblin - Any
Toadstool Goblin Goblin Venom Heat
Blazing Goblin Goblin Heat Frost
Miserly Goblin Goblin Volt Stone
Coral Goblin Goblin Frost Volt
Glacial Orc Orc Frost Volt
Kobold Kobold Frost Volt
Deciduous Kobold Kobold - -
Seedling Kobold Kobold - -
Fruit Spider Fruit Spider - -
Arriviste Ghoul Ghoul - -
Orc Orc - -
Rancid Egg Spider Fruit Spider Venom Heat
Poison Ivy Orc Orc Venom Heat
Steelthorn Goblin Goblin - -
Gravespike Goblin Goblin Stone Venom
Fairy Fairy - -
Aurora Fairy Fairy Frost Volt
Spark Fairy Fairy Volt Stone
Gnome Gnome - -
Volcanic Gnome Gnome Heat Frost
Grotto Gnome Gnome Stone Venom
Wonderland Gnome Gnome ? ?

Orichalcum Type's Edit

Name Type Element Elemental Weakness Spawn at 1- 5 Spawn at 6-10 Spawn at 11+
Coppelshell Orichalcum - - Standard Standard ?
Silvershell Orichalcum - - Rarely Uncommonly ?
Goldshell Orichalcum - - Never? Rarely Rarely

Notes on Orichalcum: Edit

These have really low random spawn rate read more at Orichalcum page.

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