When you save/sacrifice a monster/archfiend/enemy/ally, its Life/Soul Essence will reside in your Right Arm.


Essences are required to activate some sigils: only after enough of certain essences are gathered the sigil will become usable.

There are two types of Essences:

  • Soul Essence (SE) : obtained when sacrificing;
  • Life Essence (LE) : obtained when saving.

There are also 3 ranks to an Essence: "Normal/+/++". Finding higher ranked essences is dependent on chance, and that chance is increased by 2 factors:

  • Sigils:
    • Sigil Skill name "Salvation Amp" Increases the chance of finding LE+ and LE++ while saving
    • Sigil Skill name "Sacrifice Amp" Increases the chance of finding SE+ and SE++ while sacrificing
  • Pact Difficulty Level
    • Higher Difficulty Pacts tend to have higher chances of + and ++
    • Higher Difficulty Pacts doesn't affect chances to find ally's + and ++

You can know if a defeated enemy/Archfiend will give you a LE+/SE+ if saving/sacrificing it will substract from the opposite meter a 50% of the points for the opposite action. You'll get a LE++/SE++ if it substracts 100%. E.g.: a enemy will give you +9 Divine points for saving it OR +18 Dark points and -9 Divine points for sacrificing it. If you sacrifice it you'll get a SE++, as it will substract from your Divine metter a 100% (-9 points) of what it would give you if you save it (+9 points).

Obtainable EssencesEdit

Essence Name Monster/Archfiend/Enemy/Ally
Goblin Goblin
Gravespike Gravespike Goblin
Steelthorn Steelthorn Goblin
Miserly Miserly Goblin
Boozy Boozy Goblin
Toadstool Toadstool Goblin
Coral Coral Goblin
Blazing Blazing Goblin
Orc Orc
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy Orc
Glacial Glacial Orc
Kobold Kobold
Seedling Seedling Kobold
Pineflower Pineflower Kobold
Deciduos Deciduos Kobold
Arriviste Arriviste Ghoul
Sawbones Sawbones Ghoul
Automaton Automaton Ghoul
Fruit Spider Fruit Spider
Rancid Egg Rancid Egg Spider
Candle Candle Spider
Jack O.L. Jack-o'-Lantern
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Jack Frost Jack Frost
Elven Queen Elven Queen
Phoenix Phoenix
Cerberus Cerberus
Cyclops Cyclops
Griffin Griffin
Siren Siren
Harpy Harpy
Centaur Centaur
Unicorn Unicorn
Minotaur Minotaur
Kraken Kraken
Hydra Hydra
Wyvern Wyvern
Valkyrie Valkyrie
Werewolf Werewolf
Leviathan Leviathan
Av. Slime Avaricious Slime
Carn. Slime Carnivorous Slime
Illecebra Illecebra (Archfiend form)
Mad Witch Sortiara
Lost Witch Illecebra (Human form)
Great Sorcerer Magusar (Ally)
Pinchpenny Carnatux (Fellow Sorcerer)
Wildman Radux (Fellow Sorcerer)
Anguished Venatar (Fellow Sorcerer)
Mastermind Militar (Fellow Sorcerer)
Savior Sympatha (Fellow Sorcerer)
Warlock Ally (male with neutral arm)
Witch Ally (female with neutral arm)
Manslayer Ally (male with dark arm)
Black Widow Ally (female with dark arm)
M. Cleric Ally (male with divine arm)
F. Cleric Ally (female with divine arm)
M. Conjurer Rozia (Avalon Assasin, sent after saving the Harpy in I. Innocence - Snowfield Glutton)
F. Puppeteer Camelia (Fellow Sorcerers - Knight of Vengeance Ch. 4)
M. Puppeteer Vigo (Avalon Assasin, sent after saving the Jack-o'-Lantern in III. Reparation - Frozen Pumpkin Patch)
F. Conjurer Sibylla (Avalon Assasin, sent after saving the Werewolf in VI. Pride - Desert Prowler Warg )


  • The plus version of the Great Sorcerer essence, obtained from the Ally Magusar , is Great Seer+.
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