The Forgotten Pacts are a series of quests included inside Avalon Pacts that consist of different types of quests including time and no injury challenges. Also some Archfiends can be encountered only in the Forgotten Pacts. The list includes: Unicorn, Pegasus, Dullahan (DLC), Behemoth (DLC), Dwarves (DLC), Ogre (DLC), Ouroboros (DLC), Basilisk (DLC), Troll (DLC), Cat Sith (DLC), Beelzebub (DLC), Incubus (DLC), Leprechauns (DLC), Iron Maiden (DLC).

The Forgotten Pacts consist of fourteen (14) chapters in total and include several missions for each "hour". Seven (7) chapters are part of the original game, and the seven (7) others are DLC chapters.

Not further mentioned are the following pacts: Hour of Gold, Hour of Darkness, Hour of Pure White. They are available since the 1.3 Update of the Game.

Hour of AuburnEdit

Quest Difficulty
Rove the Forest Trove **
Cold Crow Blows Again **
Glutton's Just Deserts **
Dance of the Swift Maiden **
Pasture Pest Control ***
Rampaging Royal Redux ***
Freezing Batty Frolics ***
Glutton's Just Deserts Seconds ****
The Girl Who Leapt the Forest *****

Hour of ZaffreEdit

Quest Difficulty
Giant of the Sands ****
Plain Grotesque ****
Aquatic Treasure Awaits *****
Crispy Desert Crows *****
Lost Slime Time *****
Wheels of Steel on the Road *****
Treasure of the Ocean Depths ******
Desert Devil's Tickle ******
Giant's Forest Hideaway ******
Volcano Bottom Bounty *******
Rusty Wheels of Steel *******

Hour of JonquilEdit

Quest Difficulty
Sea Bottom Rusty Roller ******
Sea Bird Sinks Again ******
Davy Jones' Locker Search *******
Molten Lava Corps *******
Hot Pumpkin Patch *******
Shanty from the Sea Floor *******
Rummaging for Volcano Riches ********
Timber Tickling Lost Devil ********
Savage Slimy Abbey ********
Pasture Prizehunt *********
City Shaking Sea Shanty *********

Hour of ChartreuseEdit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
Pastoral Wheels of Steel ******* Centaur
Rove the Forest Trove ******** Collect Shards
Serpent's Icy Gaze ******** Illecebra
Blizzard Bounding Wolfman ******** Werewolf
Combing the Wastes Again ********* Collect Shards
A Flutter in the Abbey ********* Griffin
Bratty Sea Bottom ********* Minotaur
Horsing Around the Pasture ********* Pegasus
Abbey Phoenix Flutterings ********** Phoenix
Hellhound's Ruinous Howl ********** Cerberus
Horsing Around the Valley **********


Hour of Amber (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
Visit from a Headless Knight ***** Dullahan
The Headless Knight Enters ********* Dullahan
Starving Ruin Dwellers ******* Behemoth
Beggar in the Forest ********* Behemoth
Headless Knights in the Ruins ***** Gemini (Behemoth and Dullahan)
Angry Lanterns in the Fields ********** Jack-o'-Lantern

Hour of Harlequin (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
A Drunken Desert Feast ***** Dwarves
A Frozen Feast ********* Dwarves
Chef Stirs at a Checkpoint ******* Ogre
A Deeply Confused Chef ********* Ogre
Bawdy Drunks at the Barrier ***** Gemini (Ogre and Dwarves)
Danger in the Dead City **********


Hour of Indigo (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
Wild Wheels Keep Turning ***** Ouroboros
Wild Wheels on the Road ********* Ouroboros
Apparition in the Abbey ******* Wraith
Dead City's Skulking Shades ********* Wraith
Wild Wheels in a Woodland Maze ***** Gemini (Ouroboros and Wraith)
Ocean Floor Fencing ********** Valkyrie

Hour of Sappanwood (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
Eyeing a Giant Sandful ***** Basilisk
An Eyeball Giant about Town ********* Basilisk
Knight Repent in the Ruins ******* Troll
Knight Squirm in the Wastes ********* Troll
Famished Forest Giants ***** Gemini (Basilisk and Troll)
Strange Swaying Slime ********** Carnivorous Slime

Hour of Cypress (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
A Cat Prince Heads Moonward ***** Cat Sith
A Cat Prince on a Moonlit Path ********** Cat Sith
Cave of the Insect King ******* Beelzebub
Watery Lair of the Insect King ********* Beelzebub
Playful Princes in the Valley ***** Gemini (Cat Sith and Beelzebub)
Slithering Among the Ruins ******** Gemini (Phoenix and Hydra)

Hour of Ash (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
An Artist Depicts the Abbey ***** Incubus
A Giant Through Artist's Eyes ********** Incubus
Brotherly Bust-up in the Cave ******* Leprechauns
Brotherly Brawling in the Cave ********* Leprechauns
Dead Artists Society ***** Gemini (Incubus and Leprechauns)
The Forest of Fallen Knights ***** Gemini (Troll and Jack Frost)

Hour of Silver (DLC)Edit

Quest Difficulty Archfiend
Iron Lady in the Sanctuary ***** Iron Maiden
Iron Lady on a Mountainside ********** Iron Maiden
Rolling Volcano Rampage ********** Centaur
Ghosts in the Wastes ******** Gemini (Cat Sith and Wraith)
Artists in the Giant Depths ******** Gemini (Ogre and Incubus)
Headless Women in the Woods ******** Gemini (Iron Maiden and Dullahan)
Wheels Rage in the Ruins ******** Gemini (Ourobos and Wraith)
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