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Frog arm

Frog Prince is one of the 15 Archfiends introduced in Soul Sacrifice Delta. This fiend was once a young prince with excessive sweating when he was nervous. The transformation was caused by his obsession to pursue a woman with similar problems.


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There once was a prince.

From a young age, he showed talent and grace as a ruler. His only flaw was a physical trait: when nervous, he would sweat profusely.

It earned him a nickname: the toad. Even he was aware. It was used only by very few, for he was widely loved, but it gnawed at him. He assumed the name was on everyone's lips when they passed out of earshot.

He sweated especially around girls, which caused him much distress. In time, that inevitably grew into a phobia of women.

The more fond of a girl he was, the worse the sweats, and the deeper the pain when she pulled a face at his condition. He found ease in telling himself women simply did not exist.

He lived apart from them. Romance, marriage - these were concepts from another world. He had to believe that, lest the loneliness crush him.

But he soon learned that no amount of effort can rein in the human heart. Despite the pain he'd suffered and the oaths he swore to remain alone, it happened.

The prince fell in love. She was a castle maid. It was a familiar trait that drew him to her: she was prone to heavy sweating.

Frog Prince Human

Frog Prince as his human form.

Surely they could bond over that shared experience. He thought it fate. Yet even with her, he could not freely speak to a woman.

He thought of her each waking minute. Unable to express his love, he pined day after day until he could no longer sit still. Surely there was no one else like her - like him. If he lost her, he would be alone for life.

His unilateral, myopic love for her gave way to a rising panic. It eroded his sense of reason.

Until he began to act as no prince ought. He followed her, staring from the shadows as she worked.

In time, she sensed the eerie presence. She drew up her courage and confronted him. When she saw it was the prince, she began to sweat.

Faced with his love, the prince did the same. Did she think him suspicious? He grew fearful - if he made her think ill of him, he was doomed to solitude.

They were both at a loss. It was the prince who broke the sweaty silence, confessing his love. His knees shook, his throat ran dry.

The royal plea left her bewildered and sweat-drenched.

Even a child knows how important the prince is, how heavy his words. She knew that to deny him was to risk grave consequences.

Yet still, voice suffering, she spoke her mind. She harbored an unrequited love as well.

The prince felt his heart torn in two. He wanted to weep. But from her sweat he knew all too well how serious her feelings were. They were alike in that, after all.

So, despite his sadness, he chose to respect her feelings. Even to assist her in her love.

He urged her on. Assured her this man would reciprocate. That she was desirable. They were the same words he'd offer himself.

With his encouragement, she decided to make her feelings known.

Alas, she too was rejected. The reason was simple. " Your sweat is repulsive."

Hearing this, the prince flew into a rage. It was as if he himself had been mocked.

What of the sweaty, then? Where they not allowed to love?

Lost in anger, the prince demanded her would-be lover be tortured and killed.

He was sure she would be happy. He had avenged her honor!

Instead, she wept as she berated him. Why had he killed her love? Surely that was undeserved.

She didn't care if the man refused her.

She made her reason clear, much to the prince's astonishment. A light enveloped her, and her form changed.

For she had never been human. The true reason for her sweat was clear upon seeing her true self. There she sat before the prince, a frog.

She explained that a man had saved her life. She'd wanted to thank him so dearly that her wish brought about a miracle.

The prince was speechless. His love wasn't human. Now seeing her as she truly was, he might have been repelled.

Instead, he was moved to his core by the depths of this frog's kindness. It was laudable. He felt a low and selfish creature by comparison.

Now insecure, he distanced himself, though he still desperately craved another's warmth. A cowardly escape.

He considered the frog. She'd crossed the bounds of species to make her heart known. How dare he consider them alike? By comparison, a little sweat was no obstacle at all.

He would follow her example. Stop worrying about his appearance and make his true feelings known.

So he confessed his love to the frog. "Frog, woman, I don't care. I will love you till death." His eyes were deadly serious.

In her froggy way, the maid knew surely this prince was mad. She made to flee and return to her former habitat.

....But the prince followed. Still he stared from the shadows. To the frog, his gaze seemed that of a snake stalking its prey. It caused sweat to pour from her.

The weight of his affections took its toll, and she grew ill. The prince panicked at his love's plight, never once imagining he was the cause.

He held the sickly frog close, which only hastened her decline. He bemoaned her fragility. In this state, as man and frog, they could never be together.

It was then, as he faced that quandary, that it appeared. A white Chalice. It spoke. "Pay the price, and your wish will be granted."

He wished for his love to be made truly human. In return, he offered all he had. His castle, his coin, his people.

She began to return to her maid's form, but her transformation ended incomplete.

She had resisted. Even now, her heart belonged to the one who'd saved her. The one the prince had executed. She would have to live now with his memory, and as long as she remembered, she could not live with his murderer.

Her resolve struck the prince. How faithful she was. How pure!

It only made him love her more. He was unable to contain his ardor. He would give anything to see this love realized. If it cost his life, it would be an easy bargain.

He was sincere, and quite determined. If she could not be human, he would be a frog.

He mimicked their croaking, practiced hopping about. He would hone his froggy skills and ribbit sweet nothings in her ears.

How heavy, his love. Faced with its crushing weight, the she-frog trembled. Dripping in sweat, she fled into the lake.

The prince felt no shame. Nor did he have any inkling of the nuisance he posed as he hopped in after her.

How could he hope to be a match for her if he couldn't swim like a frog?

Though his lungs burned, he made no move to surface. This was a test of his love!

He was quite determined indeed. Determined enough to drown himself, if need be.

Starved for air, the Chalice appeared before him again. His wish was obvious. It was species that separated them. Well...

The prince's new form was green and slimy. In a word, he was a frog-man.

He swam with grace. Breathing posed no problem, now. He could follow her with ease. Chasing skirt (or slimy haunches) may sound unseemly, but the prince paid appearances no mind. He'd learned that audacity to overcome the walls of species from his love, and he followed her example blindly. If others could not understand, so be it.

On seeing the prince's new form, his would-be love fled.

Yet he pursued, undaunted, putting his new body to work.

He proposed to her anew. Now, move than ever, she recoiled. She laid bare her disgust, screaming and wailing.

This took even him aback. Disappointment turned to anger. He'd given up so much, yet she refused him. He loved her so dearly. How could she spurn him?

She turned to run, but he would not allow it. He bound her tight. The prince remained oblivious. Having never loved in his youth, he'd never learned how to properly express his affections.

The love he showed the bound frog was closer to that a trainer shows an animal. Gagged and blindfolded, she was taught absolute obedience through force. In time, she lost all sense of self.

Still he remained oblivious. Unaware of how distorted his love had grown. That it had become far more monstrous even than his form.


  • Ground Slam
  • Rapid Ground Projectiles
  • Running Around
  • Spinning
  • Tongue Lash
  • Water cannon

Strategy Edit

The Frog Prince's feet should be destroyed very quickly, as they determine whether or not he can use his spinning attack, and if so, how long. Destroying one will slow him down, destroying two will prevent him from turning in mid-spin, and destroying all four will cause him to stumble when he lands after jumping for a ground slam.

Try to avoid using Stonefist offerings, as the Archfiend tends to move around very quickly, and it's likely you'll be damaged while trying to use it.

Weapon, Blitz, Throw and Special magic is good, especially against the feet and back. The tongue should also be destroyed quickly so you can prevent the Prince from firing it's water cannon, which can deal VERY high damage if it connects.


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