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Ah, sweet fruit. Its flavor attracts all manner of living creatures.

Why is this?

Plants reproduce by spreading their seeds over as wide an area as possible. A plant's instinct to reproduce could also be describes as desire.

So plants manipulate other creatures' desire to fulfill their own.

Plants' seeds are encased in juicy sweet flesh. Animals are attracted by this and eat the fruit, swallowing its seeds.

Carried within the animal's body, the seeds are then deposited elsewhere.

Fruit is sweet precisely to rouse desire in other animals.

This was a characteristic that caused fruit to be looked upon with great envy by one particular type of creature.


It goes without saying that most arachnids spin webs in order to catch their prey. In other words, they simply wait for other creatures to get caught in their traps.

Many arachnids felt a certain irritation about the fact that, once their web has been spun, they can do nothing but wait.

Many dreamed of being able to attract their prey in the same way that fruit user does. Of course that would make them more effective predators... And this, in turn, would bring prosperity to their species... If trees could ensure their legacy using the sweetness of fruit, why shouldn't the arachnids do the same?

There are in fact many arachnids in this world who have fulfilled this dream. Arachnids who have been influenced by sorcery.

If sorcery is used in battle, the land will be exposed to the trace of magic.

As this magic builds up, it can cause arachnids to mutate. Sorcery can sharpen and strengthen the desire within them - their dreams.

Fruit-like protuberances started growing on their bodies... Their sweet aroma luring other creatures toward them...

Arachnids that started to lure their prey in this way became known as "fruit spiders."

Fruit spiders use their pungent aroma to entice their prey into the webs they spin.

They became much more efficient predators. Food supply was no longer an issue for them. As a result, they became rather gluttonous creatures, growing to be many times larger than ordinary arachnids.

Their enormous size meant they could now attack their prey directly, just like any other beast.

Similar, perhaps, to the vanity of human beings, is it not? They compete purely for the satisfaction of being the most beautiful. A form of greed, pure and simple.

Fruit spiders are the same. They seek to attract other creatures with sweetness.

But there is little other reason for it. Just a desire to be sweet for sweetness' sake.

And this desire can take other forms. Some fruit spiders that have lost any trace of their fruit. Which has probably been consumed by other creatures.

Indeed, it seems the fruit spiders are searching for something with which to replace it as we speak... They have even been seen acting as lanterns. Still with the desire to attract creatures, but now using light to lure insects.

The ability to hunt in this manner mean that, in a sense, they no longer need to spin webs.

This may strike you as somewhat odd. Indeed, there is something of a contradiction here.

The arachnids first grew the fruit on their bodies to lure other creatures into their webs. Now that they no longer need to lure their prey, the fruit is useless.

Despite this, fruit spiders strive to heighten their appeal. They gather nutrients from the prey they capture, and feed it to the fruits that grow on their bodies, thus making it ever sweeter.

This sweetness was only ever a means to an end, not the end in itself...


Fruit Spiders are usually found with their head hidden in the ground showing their colorful an innocent looking abdomen until you come close to them before they revert to attack. If distant, they will try to shoot spiderweb at you to neutralize your movement for the feast to come. They are usually easy to counter if timed right on your attacks.

Fruit Spider's name in Japanese version is Nectar (ネクター).

Species DiversityEdit

Name Affinity Elemental Weakness
Candle Spider Heat Frost
Fruit Spider - -
Rancid Egg Spider Venom Heat


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