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Crows are omnivorous creatures. They love nothing more than to feed on carrion.

Even the flesh of fallen sorcerers. 

Some crows know that feeding on a dead sorcerer yields a curious power.

When crows absorb sorcery, it builds up within them, fanning the flame of their desire.

The sharper ones amongst you might be asking "But what do crows desire?" The answer is that they wish to imitate humans.

The truth is that crows have always been one of the most intelligent species of bird. And their sharp minds have led them to one clear conclusion.

In order to ensure a better future for their species, they must learn from the most intelligent creature of all - man.

These crows that absorbed sorcery learned from mankind and began to build their own society.

Before long, clear divisions arose in this society between the rulers and the ruled.

The ruling class mercilessly exploited those beneath them. Whenever the lower order of crows found food, they had to give a share to their rulers.

A mirror to humanity.

In time, the upper class awakened to concerns beyond mere survival.

If a crow from the lower orders picked up a shiny object, an elite crow would often steal it to use as an adornment.

They did this in imitation of the ruling classes in human societies.

Humans would adorn their garments with jewels to display their status.

There were no limits to the greed of the ruling crows. Their society was a fine mirror indeed.

But it was not enough to simply mimic mankind. The next step was to surpass it.

And precisely because they were intelligent, the crows knew that intelligence alone would not be enough to achieve this.

The reason man ruled the world was because his greed surpassed that of all others creatures.

To surpass man, it was necessary to become greedier than him.

The rulers of the crows had not forgotten...

They still remembered where they had first tasted greed and desire.

It was upon tasting the body of a sorcerer.

They knew their greed would grow stronger with repetition of this act.

And so these magically altered crows began to hunt sorcerers.

And finally became known as Ghouls, feared and despised by sorcerers.


Ghouls are the first flying type enemies the player faces in the game. Before they charge at a player, they will hover in place for a few seconds, and anytime they are hit during their charge will counter them and kill them. They will be attracted by dying players, NPCs and monsters, creating an opening for the player to strike.

Species DiversityEdit

Name Affinity Elemental Weakness
Sawbones Ghoul Venom Heat
Automaton Ghoul Volt Stone
Arriviste Ghoul - -


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