Gleipnir is a level 20 magic Black Rite.

"Offer your right arm for a powerful cursed chain. Press buttons during the rite to bind archfiends. Pay the price by losing effects of Sigils"


Level 20 Magic


  • You sacrifice your right arm and use it as a chain to bind a single enemy.
  • Gleipnir will only bind one enemy.
  • After the rite is cast you will be penalized by having your sigil effects removed.
  • If Gleipnir is cast while using resolute sigil which keeps your health permanently at 1, your health will instantly become 100% following the message saying you can no longer use arm seals.
  • Damage can be further increased by applying Manual Sigil on the Palm section. Dark Arm III and above will gain an extra percentage of damage from the mentioned Sigil.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster's right arm being ripped apart and transforming into a chain. The caster then uses the chain to bind the enemy into one place for the rest of the Black Rite's duration.
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