Gorgon is a level 20 Life Black Rite. 

"Make an offering of an eye and unleash the power of a magical light that pierces your enemies"


Level 20 Life


  • You sacrifice an eye to gain the ability to pierce and petrify multiple enemies.
  • The Gorgon beam will pierce several enemies, causing near instant petrification on grunts, and rapid petrification on archfiends. 
  • After the rite is cast you will be penalized by having extremely limited vision.
  • Mind's eye is not affected by the penalty
  • Damage can be further increased by applying Ocular Sigil on the Palm section. Divine Arm I and above will gain an extra percentage of damage from the mentioned Sigil.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster gouging out one of his/her eyeballs. Blood then spurts out of his/her eye socket, multiple larger eyes appear and surround the caster. (S)he then aims his/her extracted eye at the enemy and the larger eyes form a large circle around it, firing multiple rays of light that pierce and petrify the enemy.
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