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Lore[edit | edit source]

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A vast swarm of locusts swept through the land, ravaging crops and plunging its people into famine.

Assailed by hunger, one couple was left with a dire choice.

In the end, they knew survival meant leaving their boy and girl in the woods.

To keep the family together meant starvation for them all.

Children were extra mouths to feed.

It was a common story in this poor region.

Parents willing to die for their children were the stuff of fairy tales.
A beautiful fantasy.

The cast-off children were still young- too young to survive alone.
They had no means to feed themselves, and hunger soon gripped them.

As delirium set in, they thought back to the sweets their mother once made.

It wasn't the taste they recalled, but the smiles they'd shared.

But each imagined bite only made the ache in their bellies sharper.

A curious scene appeared before the weakening babes.

First came a voice, then a Chalice that hovered before their eyes.
" Offer a sacrifice if you would have your wish."

The boy and girl did as the Chalice bade. To stave off starvation, they turned their limbs into food.

Perhaps because of that fond memory, it was sweets they became.

They eagerly tucked in.

They devoured themselves with gusto.

Now sated, the children had an idea. Their parents, too, had been hungry- they should share this feast.

Surely their parents would be pleased. They could all live together again. Smile together again... They hungered now for their parents' love.

Upon seeing their newly returned children, the couple cried out.

" Monsters!" they screamed.

They were convinced the two had died, returning now as sugary fiends to seek revenge upon the parents who abandoned them.

The children had expected beaming smiles, but found anything but. Their parents gathered up the village to drive them off again.

Chased back into the woods, the boy and girl were beside themselves. Candy to their core, even their tears were sugared.

They stood there for a time...

Before the host of locusts that had caused the famine began to swarm.

The children would be the insects' next meal, and yet they put up no struggle. Quite the opposite, they embraced it.

A strange joy filled them.

Their parents rejected them.

They'd thought themselves unwanted, yet here these locusts were eager to see them. With each insect that arrived, their comfort grew.

They were soon nearly gone, consciousness fading.

Their final thoughts were the same: a wish that, should they be reborn, it be into this family of locusts.

Their dimming vision then caught a familiar sight.

"Offer a sacrifice and any wish is yours."

The siblings paid the Chalice their price, ceding what remained of the bodies their parents gave them.

In exchange, they won a new family, and a place to call home.

A town appeared, streets lined with gingerbread houses. When travellers wander through, their candy doors open and massive arms lash out to snare them-arms somehow human, insect, and sugary confection all at once.

Those captured are turned into sweets. Another door then reveals the massive faces of the changed children who feast upon their victims.

Their faces, too, bear insect traits- proof their wish came true.

Thought cast aside by their human parents, they've found a family in the locusts.

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