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Once, a great swordsman was born to a severely impoverished land. To support his family, he worked as a mercenary.

The swordsman was blessed with rare ability.

His dexterous hands. He was able to manipulate swords as if they were part of his body.

And he fought to provide for his poor family. To support them, he would need a reputation, and for a reputation, many victories.

For victories, it was necessary to slay a great many foes. And so, the sword technique he devised was the practical application of his necessities.

To defeat many enemies at once and thereby achieve many victories at once, he used many swords at once.

You may be imagining him with a sword in each hand at this moment, but this wasn't so. The swordsman's technique was to use three or more swords at the same time.

Witnesses to his technique likened it an acrobat performing juggling tricks and so it became known as the "Sword-Juggling Style."

To opponents on the battlefield, his technique was utterly unpredictable and countless bodies lay in his wake.

Before long, soldiers would flee in fear when they heard of the swordsman's coming.

One day, a general, fearing the swordsman schemed to defeat him. Deciding it unwise to face the swordsman head on, he resorted to deceit.

He bribed a comrade-in-arms of the swordsman to poison his evening meal.

The virulent poison was created from gall bladders of venomous snakes and brought the swordsman to death's door.

For three days and three nights he convulsed in agony, but the swordsman survived.

However, even after recovering, numbness pervaded his body. Neither his arms nor legs could move as they once had.

His feared and respected technique was forever lost. The swordsman grieved mightily.

The perfection of his technique had become his very reason to live. Of all the things he valued, he had been most proud of his skill and renown on the battlefield.

The fact that his endeavors had brought his family out of poverty brought him no comfort at all. His was an irreplaceable loss.

Despairing, the swordsman prepared to throw himself into the sea and end it all. But just then, a strange sight befell his eyes.

A chalice hung in the air before him and spoke.

"Pay the price and I shall grant your wish."

Entranced by the vision, he decided to obey the voice and named his offering.

In truth, the swordsman's decision was at odds with his original objective. What had once been a means to fulfill his objective had now become the objective, and the objective became the means.

The swordsman had honed his technique in order to provide for his family. But now he had lost his technique, he offered his family as sacrifice to regain it.

Walking the line between life and death on the battlefield had corrupted his soul.

True to his wish, the swordsman's body began to change.

New arms grew from his poison-ravaged belly. Perhaps influenced by the poison, the new arms were shaped like snakes.

Furthermore, the snakes' tongues were made of sharp blades. Body and mind were now united in the way of the sword.

Elated, the swordsman returned to the fields of war.

Warring soldiers were taken aback by the sudden appearance of this monster.

The long, thick arms protruding from his belly presented tempting targets for his opponents.

But new arms would grow back upon dismemberment. Moreover, where one had been severed, two would grow back in its place.

And so it was that the "Warrior of Nine Arms and Nine Swords" came to be.

To his opponents, he was a nightmare given form. With new arms growing from his wounds, his strength only increased. No man could stand against him. The swordsman's opponents were no more. Any who saw this monstrous form fled for their lives.

What use were nine swords with none to fight? And what use his newly perfected "Nine-Sword Juggling?"

And so, even now, the swordsman's craving go unsatisfied.

He awaits the arrival of a worthy opponent. And a chance to put his nine swords to use.


  • Charges towards a player, causing venom if hit by one of its tentacle. If its weak, it falls down on the ground for a while.
  • Coils tentacles around itself and starts spinning towards a player, causing venom if hit.
  • Raises itself with its tentacles and then launches itself towards a player.
  • Leans back then slams all of its tentacles in front of it.
  • Shoots venomous gas in front of it with its tentacles causing the area to be enveloped by the gas for a few seconds.
  • Thrashes its tentacles while releasing venomous gas that causes the screen to fade purple, poisoning both monsters and players.
  • Releases venomous liquid from its body when its immobilized after attacking or when its knocked down.

Cursed PartsEdit

  • All Tentacles
  • Head
  • Lower Part of Body

(Table idea to help make cursed parts more specific)

Part |Ill cursed | regenerateable| weakened or lost attack|

Head |No | No | No

Lower part of body |Yes | No | No

All Tentacles |No | Yes | Yes

Parts Cursed Regenerateable Weakened/Lost Attack
Head No No No
Lower part of body Yes No No
All Tentecles No Yes Yes

The lower part of the body is the ill cursed part, mostly attacked with jumping melees or aimable projectiles, can be difficult to reach at times

The head has no effect in Hydra's move set whatsoever, unfortunate because it's often harder to hit than the lower part of the body

The tentacles, nine of them exist, they increase the hit box of Hydra's spinning attack and are essential to putting it's tentacles through the ground. It can put it's tentacles in the ground to regenerate them. In Delta, minds eye will mark only the tentacles you haven't destroyed yet. In the original game keep in mind that the while the game marks the ones you've destroyed, you only need to destroy each one once to get the count for destroying all the cursed parts.


Mad Chronicle

Avalon Pacts


  • Shares the same model as the Kraken, but with a different skin.
  • There are two ways to avoid being poisoned by its map attack:
    • Interrupt the Hydra while it's casting this attack.
    • Use a Tree Amulet to protect yourself from the move entirely.
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