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This monster is the Archfiend form of one of the main story characters Illecebra. After being defeated several times as sorcerer by Magusar and the author of the Librom journal Illecebra in Beginning of the End Ch. 4 finally reveals her "true form" and transforms into the Archfiend.
The reason behind this transformation was that her wish was granted by the Sacred Chalice. She wanted not to be alone any more and asked the Chalice to give her a daughter, a perfect copy of herself. As always the true cost of granting a wish was losing vital part of humanity and becoming monster as the result of it.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Illecebra has two stances, one standing up, and one when she is bent over backwards. The effect of most of her attacks vary depending on what random element she is using. After taking enough damage her element will randomly change to another. The element she is currently using is indicated by the colored mist surrounding her:

  • If the mist is red, she is using Heat attack and will be weak to Frost.
  • If the mist is white, she is using Frost attacks and will be weak to Volt.
  • If the mist is blue, she is using Volt attacks and will be weak to Stone.

In either stance, she has a close range spinning swipe that deals damage and releases a geyser-like attacks with whatever element she's using. When she is bent over she uses the following attacks:

  • Illecebra chases after a player, while continuously slashing.
  • The eyes of Illecebra's snakes begin to shine, before a bright flash petrifies any players who are not far away. If the player has a shield they can avoid the attack, or you can also use Mind's Eye to block the petrify entirely. If it is safe enough, the player can absorb the ailment of petrified allies to cure them and gain a defense boost.

When Illecebra is standing she uses the following attacks:

  • Illecebra will spin her orbs in the air, and shoot a blast of the current element. It will be aimed at a player, but will start out close before moving farther out. Heat and Frost verions are several Fire/Ice balls, and are easier to avoid. The volt version is much faster however, and is a constant beam-like attack rather than several shots, and thus harder to avoid.
  • Illecebra's abdomen will start to glow before a large serpent emerges out of it and digs into the ground. Several spots nearby will gain an odd dirt patch before several of the serpent heads burst out of each one, causing large damage. To avoid simply stay on the move and watch your step.

Cursed Parts[edit | edit source]

Snake Heads

  • Destroying the snake head part does not seem to prevent the petrification attack.

Face (Upper Torso) Face (Lower Abdomen)

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Mad Chronicle

Avalon Pacts

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being the Archfiend form of the main character Illecebra, various Avalon pacts contain doppelgangers of the same type. It may be assumed that these sorcerers have been injured by Illecebra in the past, and thus became doppelgangers from the wounds.
  • Illecebra seemed to be partially based on Medusa, with its head of snakes and petrifying flash.

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