The Incubus is an Archfiend that was the famous painter who was fond of drawing obscene dreams. 

The free DLC which includes Incubus and Leprechauns was released in Japan on 20th of June. The release date of this DLC in North America was 20th of August and 21st of August in Europe.


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Originally, Incubus was a brilliant painter who had quite a following because of his Obscene Dream painting that brought him a fortune. However, people eventually got tired of his works and desperate to reclaim his fame he desired to paint the Obscene Dream in greater detail… and that turned him into a living canvas.


  • Lay down on the ground and do spinning charges.
  • Casting paint on the floor which will turn into ice plane and freeze everyone on its trail. Incubus will slide down the trail, damaging anyone in its wake.
  • Summoning pictures of naked women and men (Blue and Red Fruit Lure Offerings respectively) and will explode on close proximity. The surrounding will turn to pink upon explosion.
  • Summoning pictures of Goblin, turning it alive to attack player.
  • Medium range paint cannon that will turn into various elemental effects upon contact.


      Avalon Pacts


This is one of the images that the Incubus will cast, and it seems only he can cast it.

Gameplay VideosEdit


Incubus in his human form

Incubus promotional trailer for Japan

Incubus promotional trailer for Japan

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