Infernus is an initial Black Rite. 

"Offer your skin to gain the power of flame. Fire blankets surrounding enemies during rite. Pay the price with defense reduced by half."


Initial Black Rite


  • The only Black Rite in the Soul Sacrifice demo.
  • Infernus hits all enemies on the map, no matter the distance.
  • Infernus as its name suggests deals fire damage.
  • After the rite is cast you will be penalized by having your defense halved.
  • Infernus damage is modified by fire elemental damage boosting sigils.
  • Does 2000 base damage
  • Damage can be further increased by applying Skin Sigil on the Palm section. Neutral Arm will gain an extra percentage of damage from the mentioned Sigil.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster being set on fire. Then a large golem appears and explodes, hitting every enemy on the map.
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