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Perhaps you already know the story of war. Of the Romalus Empire seeking world domination, and the sorcerers rising up against them.

The damage incurred remains widespread. Among the victims, there arose a curiosity known as the Jack-o'-Lantern.

Even in triumph, the Empire sacrificed many soldiers in the struggle.

However, some warriors were not afforded a warrior's death. They say it was the sorcery pervading the battlefield.

They did not die like men.

To this day, their fight continues...

For their soldierly regrets remained and strove to rouse their lifeless flesh. But bereft of strength, their bodies failed to respond.

Yet still they could not die. For King and for country.

Though their hearts had stopped beating, they tried to rise again. In miraculous fashion, their undying resolve bonded with the remnant of sorcery filling the air.

The will of the soldiers began to manifest from the junk of weaponry and armor around them. As the wreckage accumulated, it assumed an almost human shape.

Overcoming the bonds of flesh, their intense longing had taken form. And despite losing their human frame, the soldiers emerged again.

As armor and blades grew in giant clusters, some said they were like pumpkins raised on the battlefield. A faint glow emanated from their cores, like a lamp.

Aptly named Jack-o'-Lantern, these aberrations are now a common sight in the ravaged fields of war.

Knowing nothing but endless battle, they fight without pause. Despite losing their humanity and all sense of self, they remain in this world.

They lead a fearsome existence, eternally yearning for the next conflict.

Attacks Edit

  • Rolls up into a ball and charges towards a player. Can be stopped and stunned with a shield spell.
  • Swings flaming arms at the player twice
  • Jack-o'-Lantern curls up, before releasing a blast that hits players close to it.
  • Slams its hand into the ground, creating pillars of fire ahead of it.
  • Jack-o'-Lantern kneels, then charges toward a player or ally.
  • Charges up, then fires homing arms at the player, which can be blocked by a shield spell. The number of projectiles is determined by the difficulty of the pact.

Breakable PartsEdit

  • Head
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm



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