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A great chill had set in.
 And some hardy knights were on the verge of freezing to death.
  As the fierce blizzard roared, their world was shrouded white.

 Several days prior, their lord issued a direct order so unthinkable it stunned them all to silence.

   "I want you to repel winter."

For no other reason than he disliked the cold, did he issue this selfish command.
 But despite his foolishness, the knights were duty bound. They could do naught but act.
With great bewilderment, they wondered how they could turn back an enemy as improbable as winter.

To begin their quest, the knights marched north, where the cold was thought to originate.
 They were whipped mercilessly by frigid air, which they deemed an attack from their great foe.

"If we continue to overcome these arctic blasts, winter will run in fear," they assured themselves.

To justify their foolish charge, they resolved to believe such nonsense.

Fervently, they continued north.
 On they marched to colder climes.
  Until finally, even the robust knights had reached their limits.

They knew it all along. A quest to repel winter was utter folly.

Having already challenged the enemy, they faced the truth once more.
 Winter was not a foe easily fought.

Then, amidst the howling snowstorm, they heard a voice.
 Before their very eyes, there appeared a chalice.

  "If you pay a suitable price, I will grant your wish."

In a daze, they nodded their assent.
 Moments later, they felt the cold no longer.

They turned to look at each other only to suffer a great shock.
 To a man, all of their flesh was stripped away, with each knight's very being transformed.

They were perfectly adapted to the cold now.
 In fact they had become the cold itself.

No longer could they be menaced by what they had become.
 As beings akin to winter, they finally understood.

Whatever aims or intentions winter holds...
 Are beyond human ken.

For the knights, winter was no longer an obscure notion.
 Not a thing to be feared. Not anymore.

Despite paying the price with their humanity, the knights began to laugh with great satisfaction.

To repel the cold, they became the cold itself.
 Now, they are all known by the name Jack Frost... not so much monster but more a form of inclement weather.


  • Rolls up into a ball and charges towards a player. Can be stopped and stunned with a shield spell.
  • Swings arms at the player twice.
  • Slams a hand on the ground, releasing an icy trail in front of it.
  • Curls up and releases a freezing explosion.
  • Swings its arm, rolling two ice ball at players

Cursed PartsEdit

  • Nose
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm


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