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If trees thought, on what would they ponder?

Soaking up sunlight? Drinking water? The dreaded rot?

So one would imagine, but in fact many trees are contemplating something else entirely.

Trees dream of moving as they please. They regard the roots that bind them to the ground as intolerable shackles.

How could anyone know this, you may ask. Well, we know this because many trees have managed to grasp their dream.

When sorcery is used, traces remain in the surrounding area.

This is one of the reasons trees living for a century or more will take new shapes as they grow. The longer a tree lives, the greater chance it will have to absorb magic.

Transformed trees are known as kobolds, and are classified as a species of foul creature,

The roots of kobolds evolved into leg-like appendages, freeing them from their bondage to the earth.

Now, having taken something of their form, kobolds regard humans with a mixture of admiration and envy.

They have always had a deep-seated interest in wisdom and knowledge. Kobolds really make the most of their freedom of movement, always traveling in order to learn more about the world.

They have learned of human emotions, which goes to explain their human-like facial expressions.

In the end, the kobolds' quest for knowledge boiled down to one thing. You could say they paid the price for the wisdom they had gained.

Kobolds learned the bitter lesson that they must die. Until then, they had lived in blissful innocence about the nature of life and death.

They learned that death was not a destination or resting place. It is nothingness, emptiness, the point where all wisdom one gathered is lost.

The thought of losing all that hard-earned wisdom terrified the kobolds. Which is why kobolds are so cautious. They fear death.

The more one learns, the better one can predict what is to come.

If one foresees an endeavor ending in failure or defeat, one can act to avoid it. The wise know that in order to avoid failure, one should avoid risk.

So you could say that the wiser you are, the more cowardly you become.

Kobolds are timid precisely because they are wise. The heavier the burden of wisdom weighs upon a kobold, the more cowardly it becomes.

A kobold will run to the ends of the earth to avoid danger. This is how they use the legs they craved for so long.

The blessed irony,

Kobolds shed the shackles that rooted them to the earth, but are now bound by the terror of death.


Kobolds are non-aggressive, tree-like creatures that the player encounters in the game. Kobolds will not attack the player, but attempt to run away when approached. Upon being hit the Kobold reverts to a tree and bears fruits that either heal the player or bestow a temporary buff when eaten. When dealt enough damage the Kobold will die like any other monster.

Species DiversityEdit

Name Affinity Elemental Weakness
Kobold - -
Deciduous Kobold - -
Pineflower Kobold - -
Seedling Kobold Venom Heat



Avalon Pacts

Fellow Sorcerers


  • If a fatal blow is not delivered, the Kobold will turn into a fruit tree that offers many effects, such as: Speed+, Attack+, Defense+, Movent Speed, Anti-Elemental, and Health.
  • If a Kobold is killed and its saplings are still alive they will stick together and wander around the map until they encounter another Kobold, which they will then follow, along with any other saplings that Kobold already had. 


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