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Geoffrey Librom is one of the main characters in Soul Sacrifice. He is introducing you to the game and constantly following you while questing the main story. 

Ingame, you will most likely see Geoffrey Librom in his current form, the Book. Before he sacrificed himself into this form he was the fellow sorcerer of Magusar, which will be revealed before you encounter the last fight with Magusar.

After finishing Magusar's story, the name that has been removed from the postscript is revealed as Geoffrey Librom, revealing that Librom was Magusar's former partner, and his fate.


  • Produces several amounts of Lacrima after you finished Quests. The amount depends on the level of the quest. You can stack the Lacrima so that you don't have to loot after each quest. 
  • You can obtain the Lacrima by leaving the Journal after you have completed a quest. 


  • "Hello? Have you checked for droplets recently?" - Message after leaving the Journal to indicate there is Lacrima to obtain.
  • "Stop staring at me like that. What? You need to read me? Well, fine. But even books get self conscious."
  • "Does a talking book disturb you? Well wait until you read my stories. I'm an angel in comparison!"
  • "Why aren't I ever displayed on a shelf like a normal book? Books shouldn't be lying around on unswept floors."
  • "Do you feel the need to escape? Freedom can only be gained by defeating that fiend Magusar. Let's hope you have it in you. Keh heh heh."
  • "I can't sit around all day. I've things to do. People to see. Say for instance... Hmm.... Nothing comes to mind. Keh heh heh'."


  • Tapping Librom from the front or back of your Playstation Vita will make him fall down. He will then get back up just to scold you or make lame jokes about himself. Swiping the screen from the left or right will make Librom spin around once. He will then react to this as he does to being knocked down. While this may be for entertainment only, there is a hidden trophy related to it.
  • He is voiced by Cam Clarke.


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