Magusar (マーリン Merlin in the japanese version) is the main antagonist of Soul Sacrifice.

If you are looking for the Magusar Strategy Article please refer to Magusar (Strategy)


First Encounter: Prologue

Background: A former partner and true companion with a cracked personality no longer aware of his true self.  Originally a noble, loyal Sorcerer of Avalon, the cataclysm that ravaged the world turned him into an insane warlord who rules what remains of the world with an iron fist.  Magusar constantly has others kidnapped and enslaved, so that he may eventually sacrifice them, using their lifeforce to fuel his immortality.  During the Phantom Quests, the player learns more about Magusar both before and after his fall from grace.

Fighting Style: Being your story companion most of the time he's good enough not dying too much. He can help himself giving you some opportunities searching for the weakpoints of your enemies. He starts with a healing item like all story allies, fighting without elementals he's not much use against archfiends with a special weakness.  As a Neutral Sorcerer, he has no preference over saving or sacrificing Archfiends, though he does question your judgement when you do the former.



  • "Will you Sacrifice them, or save them?" -When the player defeats a creature.
  • "May I have the pleasure of this sacrifice?" -When the player defeats a creature.
  • "You are unstoppable!" -When the player defeats a creature.
  • "Stay focused!" -When the player takes damage
  • "Those wounds will need to be treated." -When the player takes damage while at half health.
  • "Hmph.  These are mere scratches." -When taking damage
  • "Our enemy is strong.  We must be on our guard." -When reduced to half health.
  • "What in the world are you doing?" -When the player saves an Archfiend.
  • "My premonitions... I have them that I may change the future." -At the start of certain Phantom Quests (Mainly Several Years Later Ch. 3)


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