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Mind's Eye activated (Soul Sacrifice).

The Mind's Eye (toggled with D-Pad Down by default) allows you to identify magical spots and locations otherwise unmarked or hidden from view, and see an approximation of health for allies and enemies, color-coded accordingly.

Another benefit of Mind's eye is that it can be used to block certain attacks (e.g. Illecebra's petrification attack and the Griffin's blinding light attack). However in order to block these attacks sucessfully, you must remain in the Mind's Eye state for the full duration of their respective

Mind's Eye activated (Soul Sacrifice Delta), with the addition of Ill-cursed parts, highlighted purple.


While Mind's Eye is active, you cannot use magic, Save or Sacrifice, or examine objects.


Color Meaning
Green/Yellow/Orange/Red (Enemy/Ally)

Indicates the health status of the target, progressing from Green to Red.


A low-level enemy in critical condition (awaiting Save/Sacrifice).
White (ally) An ally in critical condition (awaiting Save/Sacrifice).
Red marking (Archfiend) Indicates a cursed area, a weak spot on the Archfiend that can be targeted and destroyed.
Purple marking (Archfiend) Indicates an Ill-cursed area, a weak spot on the Archfiend that can be targeted and destroyed (Soul Sacrifice Delta only).
White (non-ally) A object that can recharge magic or produce a single-use weapon/armor.
Blue A location of a Life Shard or Soul Shard.
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