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The Naked Emperor is one of the 15 Archfiends introduced in Soul Sacrifice Delta. He was once a emperor worshiped by his people but wanted to expose his 'true' self to them. He turned into an archfiend to expose himself to others and gain satisfaction.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

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There once was a wise emperor.

Good and just, he was loved by all.

The very image of a ruler the people desired.

No matter the crisis, he stood firm.

His subjects revered him with an almost religious fervor.

But a curious incident arose in the castle town. More odd than curious, perhaps, and more obscene than odd.

A woman walking alone had found her path blocked by a man- a man in a crown and thick robe. This regal stranger then shucked his robe and revealed what he wore underneath.

Namely, nothing. He was stark naked.

A leering grin spread across his face as she shrieked.

The incident had the empire furious.

To think their emperor could do such a thing was impossible.

His unimpeachable daily deeds kept his honor safe. His approval would not be shaked by a salacious rumor.

The people united behind the emperor, and began to hunt the culprit.

It was some villain out to frame their emperor. A plot hatched out of jealousy at his skill and stature, surely.

The emperor remained calm and resolute, not one to be shaken by a coward's ploy. Seeing this, the people loved him more.

And why should he be shaken by this manhunt? He knew the culprit's identity all along.

After all, it was the emperor himself.

He derived pleasure from exposing himself to women.

Which is not to say he was an immoral person. He remained a just and dedicated man. As a result, his actions caused him no end of guilt and shame.

Yet they were actions he'd willingly taken. Try as he might to resist, his urges won out. In time, it became a habit.

Each night he would steal into the city and repeat his perversions.

He never hid his face, yet even so his people never suspected him.

Surely the villain was a master of disguise !

Protect his imperial majesty !

The more he revealed himself, the more they rallied behind him. As his perversion grew, so did their support. It was an inexplicable phenomenon.

The emperor knew his acts were a profound betrayal of his subject's trust. It tore at him.

But the more guilt and shame he felt, the more he was unable to resist the urge to bare himself.

More . . . he had to show them more.

What had at first given a sexual thrill now began to instil a different feeling in him. One he could not express in words.

His actions grew more bold.

Where he'd targeted dark alleys before, he now chose busy thoroughfares.

Inevitably, he was caught. The guards cut him down on the spot and he was gravely injured.

A crowd gathered.

But their faith in the emperor was ironclad. Even seeing his face close up, no one believed it was he.

No one truly saw him.

Who was he then, really ?

It was only then he understood the true cause of his urges.

He wanted them to know the real him.

He'd strained himself for so long. For his people. To be worthy of the crown.

Righteous in the extreme.

Strong in the extreme.

He'd trembled under the weight of his royal persona. Built up an idol with no substance.

It was that idol his people loved.

Not him.

And so he stripped bare.

Cast his crown and robes aside, and he was just a man.

As imperfect as any other.

He had worries. He felt pain. At times, he knew temptation. Fear of betraying his subjects' expectations threatened to stop his heart.

It was enough to make him strip it all away.

But even that had failed. Even stark naked, no one had seen him for the frail human being he was.

Would no one ever know his true self?

Then why was he even born?

Solely to give birth to an idol, hollow and perfect?

It was then a strange vision appeared to him. A white Chalice hovered there, speaking to his mind.

" If you would have your wish, offer a fitting sacrifice. "

The emperor made made his wish.

To shed the robes of royalty that clung even to his bare skin.

To become more bare than ever.

A change took his body.

He cast all that covered him aside, quite literally revealing everything.

Perhaps he revealed too much.

It was certainly no idol onlookers saw. Every witness saw precisely what stood before them.

A wholly exposed monster.

This went far beyond nudity.

His skin was transparent, showing every vein and pumping organ within.

Despite their love for the emperor, his subjects now fled in terror. But the emperor made them look upon him by force. This was the real him. he exclaimed.

But none had the nerve to look. He held them down, forcing them to take in his new form. Most died from fear, their hearts stopped cold.

Even now, his wish goes unfulfilled. Though he's exposed every part of himself, none will look upon him.

And so the too- bare emperor searches still for one brave enough to face him with an unflinching eye.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Area of Effect Volt Burst
  • Ground Pound
  • Multiple Claw Combo
  • Body Slam
  • Lightning
  • Ground Volt Projectile
  • Sliding Attack

Soul Sacrifice Delta - the Emperor's New Clothes Trailer (PS Vita)

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