Offerings (aka Spells) in Soul Sacrifice differ greatly either by element, type, area, damage, etc. All Offerings can be fused with copies of themselves to increase their quality (except Blood offerings). Each ☆ star increases the number of casts by one (1).

Fusing two of these (x2) ☆ offerings will result in a ☆☆ version, and two of these ☆☆ (x2) will give a higher 3 stars ☆☆☆ version. In total, you will need eight copies of an offering to fully upgrade it to 3 stars ☆☆☆.

Combining two ☆☆☆ "3 stars", however, will create a stronger version of the offering, if it exists. Most offerings have a (S) (M) (L) annotation to describe them: small, medium, large.

Attack OfferingsEdit

Blood Blood

Homing Homing

Throw Throw

Beast Beast

Special iconfix Special

Transform icon Transform

Blitz Blitz

Weapon Weapon

Arm Arm

Rising Rising

Terrain icon Terrain

Bomb icon Bomb

Summon Summon

Morph Morph

Roar Roar

Explosivefix Explosive

Mine icon Mine

Support OfferingsEdit

Heal solo Heal Solo

Heal area Heal Area

Group Group

Lure icon Lure

Arboreal Arboreal

Armor Armor

Vacuum Vacuum

Binding icon Binding

Shield Shield

Stasis Stasis

Irregular icon Irregular

Spatial Spatial

Special OfferingsEdit

Evasive Evasive

Time icon Time

Replicator icon Replicator

Soul Sacrifice attack offerings
Blood· Homing · Throw · Beast · Special · Transform · Blitz · Weapon · Arm · Rising · Terrain · Bomb · Summon · Morph · Roar · Explosive · Mine
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