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The Ogre is an Archfiend formed from a crazed chef who, in an attempt to remain the palace chef, sacrificed her own tongue in order to prepare a broth for the King.

The Ogre is one of the 10 Archfiends that will be released for free as DLC.  She was released together with another new Archfiend Dwarves. The release date in Japan was April 18th. Release date in the North America was 11th of June and 12th of June in Europe.


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This section contains plot details about the game.

In a kingdom of some note, a woman was appointed palace chef for the first time in its history.
Once a simple town girl, she rose to such heights by applying all kinds of knowledge to her food.
Not only did her cooking taste delicious, it had the power to cure illness and soothe the heart.

Several years passed until, for some unimaginable reason, she was thrown in a dungeon to await execution.
Lying in her cell, she had time to reflect on her life thus far.

As a little girl, she cooked meals for her parents. Their smiling faces alone convinced her to become a chef.

She devoted herself entirely to cookery, dedicating every spare moment to her studies of the art.
By the age of 20, she opened her own restaurant to excellent reviews.

One day, privy to her reputation, the King summoned her to court.

She cooked for him a short while, before being named palace chef.

Her culinary treats were spoken of in the highest regard amongst even foreign royals and dignitaries.
The King of that day was known as a terrible hedonist. His requests became more and more demanding.

If he tasted a dish he'd eaten even once before, however, his attitude would quickly turn boorish and sour.

Again his cold stare, the woman would tremble violently.

Using every culinary technique, she would serve one delicacy after another.
To stimulate the senses in new ways, she sent for exotic ingredients from far-off places.

That, in turn, proved to be her downfall.

Using an unfamiliar ingredient, she unwittingly inflicted the entire royal line with food poisoning. It was therefore decreed she would be hung for treason.
Now, in a gloomy dungeon, she awaited death.
All she had wanted was to please the King and his court, but this was her reward.

And so, the day of the execution came.
After they led her to the gallows, a question was posed, "Have you a dying wish?"
The woman spoke up, but not to make her last request. To the King sitting in the foreground, she pleaded for one more chance.

" To bring you joy with my cooking once more, Your Highness," she pleaded.

After a long pause, the King announced he would give her one week.
Immediately, she began to cook dish after dish in a great frenzy.
Nevertheless, she could not eclipse the food she had made before.

As each day passed, her efforts brought nothing but more anxiety.
Even with one day remaining, she still had not produced anything of note.

Despair set in.
Although she was afraid of dying, it was her failure in the kitchen that brought her the most grief.

With her sanity on knife's edge, she grabbed a kitchen blade to slice off her tongue, which had failed her so miserably.

The moment she made contact, she heard a strange voice from somewhere. A mysterious chalice then appeared before her.

The next day . . .
With bandages wrapped around the bottom of her face, the woman served the King his meal.

Her life may have depended on this dinner, but her manner appeared quite composed nonetheless.

Upon tasting the food, the King attacked his plate with incredible savagery. After gobbling up every last morsel, he smiled as if in sheer bliss.

And so, the woman was pardoned.
However, she showed not a hint of joy. Without a word, she left for the palace gates.
The King, in response, ordered a guard to block her way.

Even when the guard called on her to stop, the woman still remained silent.
Puzzled by her reaction, he questioned her, "Why won't you say something?"

To that, she unwrapped the bandages from her face and turned towards him with a self-satisfied smile.

Seeing her grin, the guard froze in place. Within her mouth, in place of her tongue there was a terrible blackness.

Therein lay testament to the sacrifice she had made, For the King's dinner, she had made a broth of her own tongue.

She had truly given a big part of herself to prepare his meal.

Her commitment to her cooking was frightening in itself, but even more alarming was the wonderful flavor of her creation.

Despite the truth being revealed, the King was hungry with desire for another dish.

" I shall taste of this cooking again," he commanded. "By whatever means necessary . . ."

She had produced a delicacy so exquisite.
That even the King's moral compass was turned askew.
With an eerie smile, she nodded in assent. Knife in hand, she set out for the town at night.

. . . On the hunt for new ingredients.

She takes a keen interest in passers-by, as she searches out the next great flavor.


The Ogre shares much of the same attacks of the Minotaur.

  • Swings Hook in wide ark.
  • Jumps and lunges at player, then slamming down its hook with considerable range. (It is best to dodge to the side.)
  • Stomps foot and charges to the player
  • Jumps up and slams down creating a shock wave that will stagger the player if caught too close.
  • If player is behind the Ogre, it can jump backward smashing into the player at a considerable speed.

The Ogre will put the hook into the ground and start a stiring motion creating a pool of lava. (The lava can hurt and cause a Burn status effect to the player) During this animation the Ogre will do one of two things:

  • She will quickly pull out the hook shooting lava balls towards the player and all directions. (limited range)
  • She will continue to stir and create pillars of lava that shoot from the ground. This attack can reach throughout the map. A small orange glowing circle will appear on the ground before the pillar shoots up.
  • Both attacks can cause a Burn status if hit.


Soul SacrificeEdit

Avalon Pacts

Soul Sacrifice DeltaEdit

Avalon Pacts


  • A Heat based Archfiend that is weak to Frost.
  • Shares the similar model of the Minotaur

Ogre in her human form

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