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Cats are very shrewd animals.

When they cannot beat someone, they will join them. Such is their relationship with humans.

Likewise, they only pick fights when they are certain to come out on top. This is why they prey on mice.

For cats, mice exist only to be eaten. 

But then something changed...The cats' dominance was suddenly challenged. Creatures known as goblins appeared, evolved from mutated rats. 

Years of pent up rage was unleashed as the goblins attacked the cats.

The cats didn't stand a chance.

But one cat with a keen sense of smell picked up a strange scent on the goblins. It was the smell of sorcery, the power that humans feared so much.

The cat cast its mind back...The smell was familiar.

The humans who dressed in strange garb...Sorcerers. Yes. They smelled like this.

The shrewd cat decided that if it could absorb this strangely-scented sorcery, it too might gain the power those mutated rats had.

When sorcerers cast spells, they leave traces of magic in the ether. This is absorbed by trees and grass, animals and birds alike.

This cat knew what it had to do, and began to hunt birds and lizards that lived in places touched by magic.

Before long, other cats followed its lead. The cats hunted without cease, slowly absorbing sorcery within their bodies.

And so a mutant form of cat came to be, a cat that could stand its ground against goblins.

The rats had managed to turn the tables on the cats. But before long, the cats had reasserted their superiority.

Yet this tale doesn't end there. The cats began to grow bolder.

Before long, they were attacking humans.

Cats were not pets from any affection they held towards man.

No, now that they had sorcery on their side, there was no longer anything to be gained from their former masters.

This new creature was even shrewder than the cat...Just as they had absorbed traces of magic, the cat creatures knew they could devour prey to obtain its power.

The mutated cats applied these lessons, and began to feed on humans. They found their flesh nutritious, and savored it.

Which brought about another discovery...They closer a cat had been to a human, the tastier the flesh and the greater the power absorbed.

And so cats came to learn in their own way about greed and its consequences.

Now which man does a cat share they closest bond with? Why, its master of course.

And so these monstrous cats feed on those who love them most. In time, this creature became known as an Orc, and is hated by all of mankind.


Orcs are the second enemy players will come across in the game. They are very slow creatures, with more health than goblins. If a player strikes them with a damaging spell, they will spit up a liquid that damages the player on contact in addition to creating a small circle on the ground upon impact. The player will take damage upon touching the circle. Enough hits from this liquid will cause the Scapegoat effect, though this fades quickly.

If left unattended with a dying enemy nearby (meaning the enemy is ready to be either sacrificed or saved), the orc will gravitate toward the dying creature and begin to consume it. If enough time passes, the orc will grow, both in size and strength. This can happen twice. After the second growth spurt, the orc will gain a vaccuum attack, similar to the Harpy.

They can be defeated fairly easily. After a few hits (higher levels require more hits), the Orc will rear onto its hind legs and roar. It will then charge until it gets close enough to the player to jump onto it. Between the time it jumps and the time it lands, any attack will Counter it. More often than not, this will be enough to kill it.

Species DiversityEdit

Name Affinity Elemental Weakness
Glacial Orc Frost Volt
Orc - -
Poison Ivy Orc Venom Heat


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