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The Ouroboros is an Archfiend that was once a scientist obsessed with perpetual motion.

The release date of the DLC which includes Ouroboros and another new Arcfiend Wraith in the West was June 25th, 2013.


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He was a man known for his wild and eccentric ideas.

The inventions he produced were as fascinating as they were useless. Everyone agreed: the man was either a genius or a fool.

One day, he trained his unique eye on a simple cart.

He envisioned wheels that turned without a horse to pull them. A vehicle that propelled itself.

If such a thing could be fashioned, surely it would make the world a better place!

A normal man would never have entertained such a thought, yet the inventor was deadly serious.

Prototype after prototype he tinkered, but the result he sought stayed beyond his reach.

Next his eye fell upon a waterwheel. A fishing boat's sail. He had his answer, he needed only harness nature's power.

And what greater source of power exists in nature than lightning? Surely a bolt, if harnessed, would yield more energy than the gentle flow of water or wind. He was certain of it.

He departed for a land known for frequent thunderstorms, and there he began his studies.

Lightning seeks out metal, he soon discovered.

And so he donned a suit of metal armor in hopes of summoning a bolt.

Patiently he waited for the clouds to loose their arrow. And then it happened.

Just as he thought, the White bolt traced a straight line across the sky to him. The man was as great a fool as he was a gifted thinker. Not surprisingly, he was terribly injured.

Nearly killed, the stunned man saw a different white light in the air before him now. It was the glow of a strange chalice, which spoke to him.

It's proposal was strange, even to the eccentric's ear. And yet he acceded.

A change overtook him. It was a metamorphosis begun when lightning struck him...

From his mouth poured thunderclouds.

It was if his very soul was escaping from his body.

Closer still it resembled a snake, casting of its weathered skin.

From the ominous cloud , the man's face emerged.

It's dark and churning shape was now the home to his spirit. He had become a living nimbus. Lightning was his to wield as he willed.

"Perhaps now," thought he, "my dream can be realised."

No action was needed on the man's part. Simply hovering near the cart was enough to send energy surging through it.

But the cart's wood could not withstand the force, and burst into splinters.

He had need of a more resilient material.

The man glanced back and saw his own discarded body. He stretched and pulled at it, bending it in a large hoop.

For spokes, he wedged his limbs into his gaping mouth.

And so it was his monstrous invention was complete... It was perfect.

And in return, the man had become a monster.

The thought caused him little bother. A form to match his eccentric mind. Indeed, the man was both gifted and foolish. As such, he was far beyond the understanding of ordinary men.

And so he travels the land still, together with his EVER-SPINNING WHEEL.



Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Indigo - Wild Wheels Keep Turning (Original form; possible ally - Ginmar)

Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Indigo - Wild Wheels on the Road

Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Indigo - Wild Wheels in a Woodland Maze (Gemini pair with Wraith)

Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Silver - Wheels Rage in the Ruins (Gemini pair with Wraith)


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Ouroboros in his human form

Promotion Ouroboros trailer for Japan

Promotion Ouroboros trailer for Japan

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