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Romulus is the God of Order. 

The DLC which includes Romulus and the God of Chaos Cert will be released in Japan on 18th of July. The release date of this DLC in North America should be 17th of September in North America and 18th of September in Europe.


At first, there existed only vast, primordial chaos. Slowly, order began to assert itself, and twin giants were born. Initially, they were without fixed form. At times they were as diffuse and amourphous as smoke, whileat others, they could condense themselves into a mass that was as hard as steel. To ensure that the world maintained its balance, the brothers divided it between themselves. But in time, the younger twin became dessatisfied with this arrangement. Fueled by greed, he made his body expand until it began to encroach on his elder brother's territory. The elder brother, believing in the power of reason, decided that he would punish his wayward sibling. He said that he would leave the entire world as his domain. But then he asked, "Is this grossly swollen body of yours not a burden?Will it not hamper you as you travel about your territory?" Upon hearing these words, the younger brother immediately shrank himself in size. This had been the elder brother's aim all along, and he punced on the small frame of his sibling. He enveloped his brother, determined to prevent him from expanding in size again. He rolled the younger brother into a small ball, locking him in this new form. Unable to move, the younger brother became the earth. The elder brother, weighing down oppressively on his younger sibling, became the sky. And so the earth and sky were created. With his younger brother unable to interfere, the elder brother dominated the entire world. The elder brother abhorred chaos and greed, and so gave the world form that obeyed order and reason. The sun rose and fell, and so time was created, snow, rain, and storms were each given their place, and sothe seasons were born. The younger brother, now the earth, could only look on with jealousy as all of this took place. His silent greed grew, enormous, within him. At the center of the earth there was a sea molten swirling greed. This greed was pushed to the surface, manifesting itself as lumps of that disfigured the land, these lumps became the first humans. It is said that there were two tribes of human. The first tribe was ashamed that they had been born from greed, while the second accepted their nature and embraced this greed as their destiny and birth-right. The first tribe was known as the Romalus. They despised greed, and looked to the elder giant of the sky for guidance. They came to worship the heavens above them. The other tribe was known as the Druids. They gave in to their greed and sought guidance from the younger brother who slept beneath the soil. They came to worship the earth. At present it is the elder of the twins who has claimed victory in this epic battle. But there is no guarantee this victory is everlasting. If the power that binds the greed of the younger were to grow weaker then the world would become a very different place...




  • NA has changed this archfiend's name to Romalus instead of Romulus.
  • Romalus' AOE chainlink attack can be canceled by using a throw offering (other offering need to be tested) and hitting the chain with the spell.

Gameplay VideosEdit

Romulus promotional trailer for Japan

Romulus promotional trailer for Japan

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