Central to the combat system is the saving and sacrificing mechanics. When an enemy or ally is defeated, they collapse to the ground and you are given the choice to either save or sacrifice them.

Saving an enemy: restores health. Amount depends on recovery stat.

Saving an ally: transfers 1/2 your current health to defeated ally and restores them back to the fight.

Sacrifice an enemy: partially recharges all offerings depending on the offering's max uses.

Sacrifice an ally: creates a powerful spell that damages all enemies on the map, exluding enemies underground, and causes the sacrificed player to enter ghost mode. Also partially recharges all offerings.

Additionally, when you save/sacrifice any being, its Life/Soul Essence will reside in your Right Arm, allowing the use of some sigils.

Players are also given the option to sacrifice a part of their own body when their health is low enough. When a player chooses to sacrifice a part of themselves, they cast a unique spell known as a Black Rite , which differs depending on what part of the body is being sacrificed and the character will suffer a semi-permenant status effect depending on which body part was sacrificed. For example, if the skin is sacrificed, the player will have his defense reduced by half. This status effect remains active until players use Librom's tears from the game menu to restore their broken bodies similar to restoring broken offerings.

Sacrificing an ally, being sacrificed or performing a Black Rite will also award the player with an extra Martyr's Reward at the end of the quest.


  • Your offerings won't be recharged until the actual moment the sacrificed soul is absorbed into your arm so keep this in mind if you don't want to break your spells.
  • The same goes for restoring health.
  • Broken offerings cannot be recharged. It can only be renewed in the portraiture.
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