Lore[edit | edit source]

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Slime. The typical form of humans fallen to avarice.

To fulfill a wish, one must make an appropriate offering. Even the most impoverished have one thing to offer.

Their bodies.

Let us imagine a man, seeking to satisfy his greed for gold.

His flesh melts, leaving bones in a slimy soup. A clarified soup of body parts.

With organs floating atop the viscous compound.

The fulfillment of his wish begins with his vital turning to gold and jewels.

But human greed knows no bounds.

The bounty of one's own body soon becomes insufficient.

To further sate his craving he attempts to envelop the bodies of passers-by.

It is said that different people become slimes for different reasons.

Many slimes are to be born of Wanton lust or gluttony. Dear reader, beware the strength of your desire.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Releases chunks from its body to damage nearby players.
  • Swipes with its tentacle back and forth in front of it to grab any nearby monsters to eat.
  • Launches itself through the air towards a player.
  • When low on health, starts charging towards a player while swiping back and forth with its tentacle.
  • The Avaricious Slime shoots out homing chunks of itself towards a player.

Cursed Parts[edit | edit source]

  • Upper Face
  • Upper Tentacle
  • Front Leg (Regenerates)
  • Rear Leg (Regenerates)

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Carnivorous Slime[edit | edit source]

Mad Chronicle
Avalon Pacts
Fellow Sorcerers

Avaricious Slime[edit | edit source]

Mad Chronicle
Avalon Pacts
Fellow Sorcerers

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While it's feeding on a monster, the chunks that shoots out from its body stops, giving players a chance to close in and attack it.
  • Destroying its tentacle reduces the range of its charging attack, which can be blocked with a Shield.
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