Vulcan is a level 40 life Black Rite. It unlocks at life level 50 in Soul Sacrifice Delta.

"Make an offering of your heart and you will be able to give an ally a sword forged from your very own soul."


Level 40 Life

Level 50 Life (Soul Sacrifice Delta)


  • You sacrifice your heart to gain an infinite use of a force attack, and allow allies to absorb a sword from your body.
  • Vulcan is effective when cornering archfiends against walls, as the force attack has a short cool down
  • Allies can run up to your body and hold X to draw a sword that can be drawn any amount of times, and acts just like any other fast melee weapon and gives it's bearer a constant healing effect, similar to a Regenesis Seed.
  • After the rite is cast you will be penalized by having your health halved.
  • The animation of the Black Rite depicts the caster being enveloped in a blueish-white aura and falling to his/her knees. (S)he remains that way for the rest of the Black Rite's duration.
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