The Werewolf is an Archfiend that has the same body structure as Cerberus (as well as a few of it's attacks) and uses Heat attacks.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Werewolf is the Archfiend form of the fellow sorcerer and ally Venatar.

During the Ballad of Werewolf quests the author of the Librom journal and Venatar try tracking down Werewolf together. Venatar was hunting the Werewolf for years and even offered his eye as a sacrifice for the chance to see the Werewolf. But after the conversation with Venatar's friend Sorora who reveals many interesting details about Venatar's hunt on the Werewolf author of the Librom journal starts to suspect that Venatar is the Werewolf himself.

But shortly after that suspicions appear the author of the Librom journal and Venatar receive news about new Werewolf activity. In Ballad of a Werewolf Ch. 3 they go together on the hunt for the Werewolf. But after the Werewolf is defeated the sorcerers see this Werewolf was never a man. It was an eye, Venatar's eye which he sacrificed in his desire to see the Werewolf. But Venatar could never see the Werewolf because he was the Werewolf himself so to grant his wish the Sacred Chalice has created a Werewolf's Doppelganger from his eye.

It is revealed that Venatar became the Werewolf because of some rare parasite which was attacking only sorcerers. His friend Sorora got infected by this parasite and as a result a fur started to grow all over her body. Venatar started to search for cure and he thought that he found the right solution. As the result of his cure the parasite was removed from Sorora's body. But it was not killed, it just got new host whom was Venatar. Parasite had different effect on his new host causing transformations into Werewolf.

After Werewolf is defeated in Ballad of a Werewolf Ch. 4 author of the Librom journal wants to sacrifice Venatar because he thinks that is the only way of preventing Werewolf's return. But Sorora prevents the sacrifice. She accepts the parasite back and Venatar got free of the curse. Venatar promises Sorora that he will not stop until he finds the cure from this parasite.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Cursed Parts[edit | edit source]

  • Head
  • Right arm

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Avalon Pacts

Fellow Sorcerers

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like the Dragon, the Werewolf isn't mentioned anywhere in the Lore section of the Librom.
  • Also similar to Cerberus, you can block his charge attack by using Shield and  it will  be stunned for a while. The duration of stun however, will decrease as it goes low on hit points.
  • Unlike Cerberus, Werewolf uses charge attack (where he spits fire or jump then slams on the targeted player) more frequently.
  • The Werewolf will trip over at the end of a charge attack when at low health.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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