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Once there lived an assassin.

Following the commands of a prominent noble, he eliminated powerful adversaries under the cover of night. And gifted with exceptional hearing, his keen ears proved a boon to this work. He identified himself with the bat, and felt a close affinity with its ability to float through the gloom. While working, he mimicked the ways of the bat, covering himself in black, listening attentively, and moving with purpose. One day, he undertook a mission seemingly no more difficult than any other. However, he soon found himself over a barrel. No sooner had he killed his victim, than he was ambushed by unknown assailants. Deaths was all but assured. Suddenly, he heard a whispering in his ear. He turned to see a fleeting vision of a chalice.

"Make me an offering of whatever is dear to you."

Obeying the voice, he sacrificed his superb hearing. He had lost his ears, and instead bat wings grew in their place. Taking to the air, the assassin flew to safety. Once he was able to reflect, the realization dawned on him. Who ever ambushed him knew he was coming. All became clear. Only his master could have orchestrated the attack. Through his unsavory deeds, the assassin knew a number of the noble's secrets. If such information was ever leaked, his master would lose everything. And so, the assassin became a target himself.

The next day, he returned to the noble as if nothing had happened. When asked about his wings, he replied, "Please spare me your concern". His master had no response. Thereafter, the man continued to carry out assassinations with unshakable purpose. At times, the noble's requests were extremely difficult, even bordering on the impossible.

His master was trying to kill him, but he completed each mission regardless. Requiring new abilities, he offered up his flesh for further bat-like powers.

By developing hind legs, he could cling to the ceiling to conceal himself. However, his human legs became terribly deformed.

By turning his skin black, he could melt into the night. Though the sun now caused him horrible pain. By emitting ultrasonic waves from his mouth, he could master his surroundings. But his capacity for speech was lost.

Gradually, he became more bat than human being.

Before long, the noble fell ill and passed away. No once could identify the cause of death, but the symptoms resembled a fever borne by bats.

A rumor emerged about a monster flying off the manor's roof very soon after. This creature was neither bird, nor human... but something hideous with the features of a bat.


  • Wyvern will spin around with a low kick, damaging nearby players.
  • Wyvern will attack with a several-part combo, ending with a dashing kick.
  • The Wyvern dives into the shadows which move towards one of the players. When it reaches one the Wyvern will burst back out, damaging them.
  • Wyvern splits itself into several shadowed clones. You have about 5 seconds to find the real one and damage it enough to break the trance before they all charge at you. The real one is surrounded by a black circle beneath it. If you don't stop the attack in time you can still dodge it. If a status has been inflicted, even partially (e.g. has some flames but not in burning status), the real wyvern will still be inflicted with the status and will be visually different to the others.
  • The Wyvern has an attack where it starts to spew dark clouds into the air and will blind sorcerers. You are capable of detecting the whereabouts of the enemies and allies on screen If you enter in Mind's Eye while blinded, however you are unable to attack during the duration, so it would most likely be ideal for avoiding your enemies until the clouds disperse.
  • The Wyvern has a charge attack which can be blocked by a shield for a temporary stun.
  • The Wyvern will jump high up in the sky and land down on a player with a kick, which will cause itself to fatigue giving the player free hits for a few seconds.

Cursed PartsEdit

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Left Wing
  • Right Wing


Avalon Pacts


  • The wyvern is not weak to any set element.
  • When he goes underground to attack make sure to delay your roll so he doesnt hit you on your recovery frames.
  • When he splits into clones, only the real Wyvern will have a shadow on his feet/ground, and dealing enough damage to him will cancel the other clones and will give you a small window of attack.
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